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  1. Thanks for the comment I am glad you had such a good time here. We love spam here let me tell you.... Thanks to all for your comments and information Aloha hawaiian medic
  2. Hello lets see the certs if you got them all is good, the state would need to take a look at what school you got your medic lisense from and the hours of training that you have.we are a 3rd service on the island of oahu 8 hour shifts 22 units run about 90,000 calls a year, quite busy. dont get paid much for the cost of living here. You would have to go through a evaluation period and if all is good then you would be alowed to work for the department. this the short version. We lost a few medics to fedral fire department and retirement, and nursing.. Now its not we dont like outsiders persay its that we found that plenty of people came here saying they were this good they worked 10 years as a medic here i did this i did that and they on evaluation couldnt keep up with our medics that are in training. Understand i am not saying my dept. is better than any elses one but i am syaing we train hard, are very proud, and evryone that works here is very good. if our trainees dont meet the standard we fail and get rid of them. It seems harsh but this island is very small we know everyone, they know us. we keep the standard high because it is just a matter of time when anyone of us picks up freinds or family members etc...i know a lot of poeple are going to look at his and say what a bunch of arrogant people, so be it. I am giving you honest and un -sugar coated information. If you are intersted still to work in oahu, if it is possible you should come ride along for a couple of days or week to see. then i would say you can make a better choice without wasting money and time moving here. I can set up the ride along.. I hope this helps let me know if you need anymore information or any comments are welcome.. Aloha Hawaiian medic
  3. Hello EMT City personel this my first post to the forum.. glad to meet all of you... my question to all is I am a paramedic for 13 years in Hawaii on the island Oahu, we are a third service in which the County runs EMS and Fire is seperate. There is plans to I would say to hostially take us over. I have read many of the old posts of how it could work or how it doesn't work. If any one could give me places or websites where i could find actual data about how it went wrong or how its not working, as well as data that it did work.. As for myself I am a medic to the bone, love what I do and is very good at it. I really dont want to see us get taken over but I what some feedback from all the EMS community to see what is the pro and cons. Hawaiian medic
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