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  1. I agree with 13 as well. but onto my own 2 ccents... I don't remember if it actually happened, or is just an urban legend or whatever, but I remember a discussion in emt school about the local pd using an ambulance for a sting operation. EMS still takes potshots for that one...and I don't meed good natured flack from coworkers...I'm talking actual lead bullets. LEO's wear bp vests, carry equipment to shoot back, and are trained in such matters. I am not. Please don't ask me to do their job - I am not equipped for the consequences nor trained to do it properly.
  2. wow...so many directions to go... My first reaction was that this is exactly the kind of argument we need not be having. In my experience, we are still trying to convince the public & our receiving facilities that we do more than drive fancy trucks. More important than arguing who is or isn't EMS and creating yet another division within ourselves is that we need to stand together, get the message out about what EMS does and is and get government backing and leadership so that we can grow as a profession and start making the kind of money we are worth. There is no reason that an ER nurse
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