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  1. Question: Which areas of the pediatric patient's body needs to be exposed for medical attention and access? An EMS equipment sales person told me that both the chest and the abdomen need to be exposed becasue otherwise breathing would be impeeded. How much truth is there? Also, what kind of medical proceedures are most often performed on pediatric patients? Thanks!
  2. Tniuqs: That's a good point. I will take disinfection into account as an aspect of cleanability. Right now, my only solution to not using Velcro is to use three-pronged plastic snapfit buckles. If anyone has better ideas, please post. I have seen the Papoose but thought the problem is that one has to buy all four sizes, which will cost more than $2000. Storage might be a problem with the Papoose system, too. Do you know if the Papoose can be fastened to cots? It doesn't say on the link you posted. Thanks a lot!
  3. Good points. One of the main challenge of the design is to accommodate the wide range of patient sizes and weights. Here's a British product (not available in the US) similar to the pedimate. It's called the ACR (ambulance child restraint) and it has three sizes of restraints. I might look into something of the sort. What do you think about it? http://www.paraid.co.uk/p-1-ACR-(Ambulance-Child-Restraint).aspx 2c4, I came across the LSP Pediatric Immobilizer at an AMR site. Medics there seem to think that the Velcro straps aren't suitable for EMS purposes. Have you had any trouble wit
  4. Sorry, I should have said that of the medics I've talked to (not many) and from the posts on the forums, I got the impression that most medics either uses customers' own car seats or no restraints when transporting pediatric patients. I agree that the tone I used was a little over-the-top, so sorry about that. I started the topic to foucs discussion on pediatric restraints on the forums becuase so far I've only come across bits of discussion here and there. I'm an undergraduate mechanical engineering and industrial design student currently working on a research project looking at pediatric
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