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  1. And that's exactly what I've decided to do. Thank you all for your input.
  2. I appreciate all the input everyone has had on my question. I'll take it all and make a decision soon. I see both sides and an leaning towards taking the A&P courses after the EMT-B course this fall. And I love the fact that you guys are so passionate about your opinions. Even if you do tend to knock heads once in a while. Thanks for the positivity in this post, btw..
  3. Hi all, I introduced myself in the meet and greet forum but had a question concerning school. I plan to take the EMT course this fall. My question is, would I do better taking the Human Anatomy & Physiology classes first, or just jump right into the course itself. I realize that it would give me a running start for the EMT course, but my problem is time. I'd like to not waste anymore time in pursuing my dream. Any help at all would be appreciated.
  4. Thank you very much for the advice! :-)
  5. Also, I have done some looking around at different links for books, and was wondering if there's anything you would recommend reading and looking through before I actually start my schooling. I'd like to get a head start on the whole program so I don't feel completely lost. Though I know I'll still get to that point at times. lol
  6. Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself here. My name's Michelle and I've been reading through some of the forums and topics, and really have enjoyed it. I've wanted to become an EMT for some time now, but due to it never being 'the right time', I've always put it off. Not anymore though. My kids are a little older and I've decided to follow my dream and do for me, finally. Am hoping to start classes this fall and join the ranks of ones I've looked up to my entire life. Would love any advice you have to offer when it comes to everything from school to the actual job.
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