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  1. I wonder if it's some contract contingency kind of thing. I've run into a few of those. They don't actually *have* the contract yet but want to make sure they have a crew so they can hit the ground running if they are awarded it.
  2. I'm another one that has been inactive but still checks things out. And every time I'd come back and visit, DD was in the thread with a very "Ok, here's how it is..." approach. Sometimes I disagreed, but I did always respect the straightforward way he laid things out. RIP, brother. Thanks for everything.
  3. Yup. In our county, EMTs/BLS rigs are not allowed to contact medical control.
  4. Well, it might not be totally my choice. My other half works in clinical research and there are more jobs in the field up in Grand Forks. ;-) But then again we might end up in Rochester, MN with the Mayo Clinic.. so who knows. I love both areas though. Minnesota & North Dakota are some of my favorite places on Earth.
  5. Then click the "Register Now" button. It's free. :-P
  6. No, they'd probably shoot you. Every time I play that song, someone throws something blunt at me. :-P It's called "We Like To Party! (The VengaBus)" by the Venga Boys. And yes, I have the mp3 here somewhere. It's a great way to get something blunt thrown your direction. ;-)
  7. The AAOS book says this: "6. Place the clamps about 2" to 4" apart, about four fingerwidths from the infant's body. Once they are firmly in place, cut between the clamps." AAOS "Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured" Eighth Edition, page 499. That's where I got my information from. I wasn't just making it up. :-)
  8. I dream about it sometimes. Sometimes I dream about trout fishing too. I don't even like fish. ;-)
  9. I think that the second one is better. If you don't have 10 inches of umbilical cord out, you're really screwed if you go by the Brady book! ;-) I learned it as "a little more than a hands width from the baby" and the second clamp goes "about 2 inches beyond that."
  10. If you're in the North Bay, have you considered Santa Rosa Junior College's Dept of Public Safety? http://www.sonic.net/srtc/
  11. Bayshore Ambulance here in the SF Bay Area has a similar looking unit, but it's made by Freightliner. A photo of one is here: And... I haven't seen the inside of one (Bayshore doesn't seem to get down this way that often) but from the outside, they look nice.
  12. http://www.filemaker.com - new version came out late last year. There are many books & resources available for it, too. I think that it's a lot easier (and more stable) than Microsoft Access, personally.
  13. Do you already have Microsoft Access? I could create something like this in FileMaker Pro in about 15 minutes. Much better way to go, actually. Especially for the web publishing engine.
  14. Yup. It's been there for many years. You might know it by the name "Six Flags Marine World." A badge might look ok... if you were in a nice uniform.. at a funeral... (d'oh. didn't realize how old this thread really was!)
  15. And I can chip in free web hosting (email as well) if you'd like. Nothing says "unprofessional" these days like using a hotmail, aol, or yahoo address for anything serious.
  16. We've had a similiar problem in California. Apparantly people just don't know about the law. They have no idea that you can leave an unwanted baby at a hospital or fire station instead of a dumpster. Sad, but true.
  17. I originally took my EMT-B classes bask in 1994. I completed the course, but did not take the NR test because honestly, I was well aware of my own maturity. I knew for a fact that I had self esteem issues and issues handling stress and that taking on such a position could be dangerous for myself and my patients. Fast forward to 2005. I finally got a job that would allow me to pick a schedule that would work out with school. I took the prerequisite courses and then started in our EMT-B program. I was 29 years old and thought "I am a lot more mature now. I can do this." When I was 18, I thought that I had lived a full life and had 'seen everything' because I grew up in a foreign country. Now I'm 30 and I refuse to say "I've seen it all" because I know that I sure as hell haven't 'seen it all' by any means. There are some 18-21yr olds in the class, and a few of them are nice people, but folks that have a very immature attitude towards life in general. There are a few that I would not want to work with. Again, they're nice folks, but I would not feel that comfortable working with them. "Ok dude, what's your point?" you ask? My point is that although 18 year olds go out of their way to act 'adult' in many cases they are just not up to the task. I wouldn't mind seeing the minimum age for even EMTs raised to 21. But, that's just my $0.02.. and for the love of god, please let's kill the MLK thread off. I don't see it going anywhere except for an unnecessary flamewar. :-(
  18. Oh, ok. I'm not in Texas. I'm in the Bay Area! :-) Thanks for the info.. that's good to know.
  19. That's what I thought. LEOs get all the fun toys! You have to admit that some of those flash grenade things would add some spice to any paintball game... Oh, hey, here's one for you. When driving to & from the range with a Glock 22. The Glock cases have nowhere to hitch a padlock to, so I've been using *two* of the cable/trigger locks. One through the firearm itself (clips & ammo are in a separate box) and the other is wrapped around the handle of the case. Both are locked. Being a CHP officer, would you consider that to be an adequate solution, or should I get a better case that I can padlock?
  20. A FAB-10?! Or an actual Colt or Rock River Arms AR-15 with a full capacity detachable magazine? (none of this "high-capacity" mag nonsense since it's only California (maybe DC too) that limits them like that)
  21. Yeah, like the FAB-10? Meh, those things are lame. I don't want a neutered Kalifornia-only version. :-( They're also waaay to expensive for what you get. But, there are other perfectly legal ways around it, which I'm working on right now - with the DOJ approval.
  22. "Summit" was the name, IIRC. Oh, and thanks for the links. It didn't dawn on me to reverse things in a Google search either. Using "Wilderness EMT" is giving drastically different results than searching for "EMT-W" - which is to be expected. Clearly I have not had enough coffee yet, and the day job sapped most of the available brain cells up. I'm checking out the schedules now and most of the classes are for dates that are well after my NR test dates, which is a good thing. I intend to pass the NR on the first try and then work for a few months before doing anything else.
  23. +5 for having already used it. I searched for "EMT-W" (because hey, that's actually what I was wondering about) and an irrelevant topic was the only result. That being said, the first result looked kind of interesting.
  24. what can any of you tell me about the EMT-W module? I see it listed here and I was wondering if any of you have taken it, or if it would be of any use at all. Currently I am in the SF Bay Area, but I spend a lot of time in Nevada & North Dakota and other middle-of-nowhere places. thanks everyone! and yes, I'm still a student. Be nice.
  25. Just in case any of you were wondering what the dictionary said about the word "irregardless:" irregardless |?iri?gärdlis| adjective & adverb informal regardless. ORIGIN early 20th cent.: probably a blend of irrespective and regardless .USAGE Irregardless, with its illogical negative prefix, is widely heard, perhaps arising under the influence of such perfectly correct forms as: irrespective. Irregardless is avoided by careful users of English. Use regardless to mean 'without regard or consideration for' or 'nevertheless': | I go walking every day regardless of season or weather.
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