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  1. My first car was a dark blue 2001 Pontiac SE. LOVED that car so much. Sold it to my mom when I moved out of state to live in Kansas. Now I share a 2006 Prius with my boyfriend.
  2. Desiree

    I'm back!

    Hey all. I was a member of the forum back in spring 2011, but I ended up disappearing for awhile. I finally got myself enrolled in EMT-B class starting in August for Fall semester, really excited about it! Thought that I would try and be active again before I start class! Desiree
  3. Haha, he actually got a haircut a few days ago, it's much shorter, but not TOO short. Definitely not military short! I wouldn't let him do that.
  4. Welcome to the city.

  5. Thanks, I was discharged from the AF, actually, and don't have plans to return. I agree though, the uniforms are SO much better, loved the blues. I plan to still do nursing school next spring, I don't intend on changing my plans with that. Thanks! Yeah, I don't think I'll have a problem if I get stuck, I'm sure he'll be hovering over my shoulder constantly any chance he gets to put his two cents in... haha.
  6. Okay, so from my meet and greet post, you all should know I'm engaged to Bieber. Well, him and his good convincing skills got me to cave and enroll for the EMT-B class this fall. I thought I'd give a shot because it's only one semester and it'll get me certified. If I enjoy it, then I'd have room to grow and go further. I still want to do Nursing, but I didn't see anything wrong with at least giving it a try. Any advice would be great, although, I'm sure I'll be all set in succeeding with Justin in my life, helping me through it. Ever since I graduated high school I've bounced around with my majors, from Criminal Justice, to Addictions Counseling, to even enlisting into the US Air Force!
  7. Desiree

    New here!

    Hello! I'm new to the forum, I don't work in EMS but I am engaged to a paramedic who also happens to be an active member of this forum (Bieber), he's been trying to convince me in joining the forum since he spends so much time on it and that it could possibly get me to understand more about what he does. I'm coming up on my 21st birthday and am enrolled at a local college, trying to get Nursing pre-reqs done so I can start the nursing program.
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