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  1. Have a EMT City meet and greet at the Green Bean or something like that. Sounds cool to me. I am back in the 'world' right now, but if all goes well I will be back in KAF in Jan. so perhaps then.
  2. Dwayne, Was it the KAF role 3? Depending when it was, I might have some info. PM if you want. I see your point, I think we just differ on timeline. My view is just wait until you get to the hospital, then sort it out there vs. doing it in the field. Great discussion. TS
  3. Hello all, I have a question for the group somewhat related to the topic at hand. My question is related to chest tubes and hemothorax management. I am looking for people's views on clamping the chest tube if it is putting out a lot of blood (say >1500mL post placement, or >200mL/hr to use classic textbook numbers). For discussion sake a thoracotomy is not an option as the patient is being transported to a trauma facility (via ground or air depending on your background). Looking forward to the feedback/discussion. TS
  4. I guess there is a way view US Netflix in Canada. I should look that one up online. I bet it would cost extra but if you get a ton of extra content then perhaps it would be worth it. Kind of related, but have you ever noticed how EMS is featured in movies? Sometimes it is less than favorable. As mentioned Mother, Jugs, and Speed come to mind. Bringing out the Dead comes to mind also. Not sure my feelings on that one, as I thought the book was quite good. Dwayne do you get Mongolian Netflix?
  5. I wonder if Mother, Jugs, and Speed is on Netflix? I think getting paid a percentage of your call would be a bad idea - for ambulance calls. I should mention that for a few industrial contracts I did get paid a day rate, and a percentage of the invoiced cost. Now, I see that as different as I am there to provide medical coverage so a company can make money be it drilling, mining, or whatever.
  6. Should EMS wages be call based? No. First, from a Canadian perspective I think many of the medics trying to make a living on pager pay in British Columbia would disagree with this premise. From a broader context call based pay, to me anyway, sounds like a volly squad setup. If you are at work then you should get paid. Yes, I will agree, to a point, that this can cause 'friction'. You run your ass of while the other guy sleeps all night without turning a wheel. This happens. As for rural vs. urban, low vs. high call volume it doesn't matter. Base salary on a person's skill regardle
  7. A nice podcast summary of current tourniquet research: http://phtlspodcast....ity-trauma.aspx Among other studies, it also mentions the one below.
  8. From my point of view, the main issue with EMS education is the lack of time. In a degree program, you measure a student's progression in years, whereas in EMS you measure a student's progression in months. With time, you can 'guide' or correct a student's behavior. They have time to learn and mature. I know the topic of 'degree' or 'college' prepared EMS providers has been discussed in other threads, but I do think that is the key here. Regardless of the ratio of mature, immature, heroes, sand-baggers, to joe average they are still out the door before you know it. Especially at the B
  9. Hello all, I enjoyed reading the posts. I thought I would add my thoughts. First, a few pages back, the consensus I gathered from posts was that you should apply a tourniquet to slow, but not stop blood flow. From my experience I would recommend against such practice as typically you are applying these devices to control deadly uncontrollable bleeding that cannot be stopped by other means. I think, from a practical level, halting deadly bleeding yet maintaining distal flow in an attempt to maintain tissue viability would work, from a theoretical point of view, but in field applic
  10. FYI, The JIBC School of Health Sciences is exploring the possibility of delivering the Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) Program at our Victoria and Kelowna campuses. We would appreciate your participation in this short survey which will help us in establishing potential applicant numbers for these locations. Your responses will be treated in the strictest of confidence. http://survey.jibc.ca/survey/30997/123e/ If you have any difficulty in accessing this survey please contact acp@jibc.ca Spork
  11. I think one of the main issues is experience. Typically, from what I have seen, it is the new guy who gets in over their head, or gets burned. You know, the new guy who really, really, really wants to 'break in.' To the point that common sense is pushed to the wayside, and red flags are ignored. That inexperience also plays out on the clinical side, also. I am not saying you need to be the trauma god to work in the industrial setting, but some level of experience is required. People working the patch right out of school, in my view, is wrong. It happens all the time, of course. The
  12. Best of luck. A lot of solid advice so far. Just expect firm answers from potential employers, and don't leave any details (travel costs, day rates, duration) out. Assuming something is the fastest way to get caught. For example, I ran into a medic who was going out west to work. Somehow he seemed convinced that he didn't have to get registered in Alberta to do this, nor did he seem to believe me when this was pointed out. The company had a special 'deal' with ACoP to deal with this. LOL. He even paid for his flights out west, just to find out as you guessed, that he couldn't work.
  13. Are you going to U of A, or U of C? Your plan will work. Back in the day, I did that very plan. To answer your questions, I would have to say it depends. Sometimes a company covers specific costs, while other times they don't. It depends on the contract, as each one can be specific. I think your best bet would be to work with a few companies so you develop an understanding. They know what you are looking for, and you know what to expect from them. Just be up front with things as it is business. I can think of a few specific times where I let that point laps just to get burned in the
  14. I could tell you how that handle came about, but it is my understanding that the 'mission' is still classified. Might be out on Wikileaks though... I know, perhaps I could write a tell all book. How about 'Blood on my Spork?'
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