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  1. Thoughts on this? Uber style Narcan delivery!

    I would challenge your assertion that drug users don't call 911 when they or another drug user overdoses. They do. Not as much as they probably should, but they do call. Maybe the police have a slightly different mentality up north of the 49th, but when the police attend OD calls, they're not worried about arresting people. I would say the largest barriers to addicts seeking help from heath care providers is the attitudes of health care providers themselves. The number of times I've had addicts refuse transport because, "they're all assholes in the hospital, they treat me like shit because I'm an addict," is astounding. Again, maybe this happens more North of the 49th than south, but street narcan kits are quite prevalent up here. It's a little kit with 0.8mg of Naloxone preloaded in a syringe. I'm sure with IN naloxone becoming more common, the street kits will transition to that form over time. The major problem however is that so few overdoes involve a single toxidrome. Most ODs are polypharm and opiates are but one of the agents on board. If you want to look at public health initiatives that really do make a difference, read up on Supervised Injection Facilities. There are a number in Europe along with one in Vancouver, Canada and one or two in Sydney, Australia.
  2. Oxygen causing harm?

  3. What would you do?

    If it were me, I'd start with 0.2mg IV and see what the result was.
  4. Tactical wear: the Tactical Kilt?

    Funny thing was, last year there was so much interest, they actually produced a limited run and sold out rather quickly,
  5. Team Focused CPR

    We only transport with CPR if we can identify a treatable cause or in special cases like paediatric arrest. Otherwise, we work it for 30 mins on scene and then consult with the Doc regarding discontinuation. Here is the link to our Treatment Guidelines http://www.bctg.bcas.ca/Category/Principles/105
  6. Canadian Temperature Scale

    And God bless them too!
  7. ED Wait Times

    The large regional hospital in the next city over from me has some horrific wait times. There have been more than a few patients that have been held in the ambulance off-load delay area for 10-12 hours. Not uncommon at all for people with non-urgent problems, but just sick enough that can't go into the minor treatment area, to wait 3-5 hours before getting a bed being seen.
  8. Canadian Temperature Scale

    Not sure why this is in the "Funny Stuff" section ... this is proven fact
  9. Antivenoms

    As far as BC goes, Penticton Regional Hospital keeps 2-3 doses of anti-venom (for rattlesnakes) in stock but South Okanagan General (Oliver) and Keremeos D&T do not. We don't carry anything specific to snake bites on car. Like others have said, anti-venom is expensive and has a short shelf life. We don't get that many snake bites. Maybe one or two per year.
  10. Fireman Hitler has to 'ride the box' today..

    The English subtitled release is called "Downfall."
  11. Fireman Hitler has to 'ride the box' today..

    The movie this is from is called "Downfall." If you're up for a fantastic historical drama, check it out. Great find Dwayne! This will definately make the rounds of the station.
  12. P.D. Hazmat

    In BC, most cities have policing services provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Our rule of thumb is: vertical yellow stripe=safe scene, horizontal yellow stripe=dangerous scene.
  13. Hypertonic Saline in TBI

    According the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium's "Completed Study" page, they ran a study in 2009 that was discontinued when there no improvement found when the hypertonic solution was used. https://roc.uwctc.org/tiki/completed-studies