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  1. Metoprolol IV for Heart Attack

    I was researching REMSA in Reno, NV because I wanted to do my paramedic internship there. I know that paramedics can administer 5 mg Metoprolol IV x1 in STEMI if SBP > 140 and HR > 100. Critical Care Paramedics and Registered Nurses may administer Metoprolol x3 in STEMI if SBP >90 and HR > 60, may be given with nitroglycerin infusion. http://www.remsa-cf.com/remsa-protocols-aug-2012.pdf
  2. This is probably why Crew Resource Management (CRM) is being taught in the healthcare industry now too, primarily due to people not questioning bad decisions or speaking up.
  3. Tried it on myself after I read http://sixlettervariable.blogspot.com/2011/02/highlighting-atrial-activity-on-ecg-s5.html (Christopher's blog from ems12lead), and I felt like I failed. I tried it first without normal lead placement, and I was like "Pff.... the p-waves are small and I can see the ventricular activity big time." I then placed the leads in the normal spot to compare, and I had big time sinus arrhythmia/vagal down to a junctional rhythm I think, lol, which I confirmed by pulse palpation. It was weird... That's the only time I tried it.
  4. Canadian Temperature Scale

    I laughed when I read I live in CA. Where I live particularly in CA, I joke that we find a nice warm corner to curl up into, and die, when it's below room temperature At least I know I would if it ever got that cold..
  5. I work on a dedicated critical care transport unit for an interfacility transport company, and we've had infant/pediatric patients that have not been in the best of conditions, and we still use 'em. They are really easy to use. If you took your time putting it on, it'd probably take a minute or two. There are three black seatbelts that look like gurney straps. You seatbelt it to the gurney. Then there are three gray straps that is used on the kid. Boring Youtube video: By the way, for the top part of the stretcher, make sure it is behind the bar so it doesn't stretch out/loosen when you adjust the head.
  6. We use Ferno Pedi-Mates which can handle 10-40 lbs.

    What happened to shampoos?