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  1. No, it is an older model Holden Commodore ambulance, however.... that is a good idea. Might have to see about getting one fitted
  2. I am posting this here because it is funny when you look at it... and to for the newbies not be disheartened when they do something silly.... Working single officer at an event today, I got called to a patient. Get on scene, assess patient, patient happy not have transport organised after treatment (wound assessment and clean only). As it is raining, I put the gear in the back and close the rear door, leaving it so the locking mechanism did not engage as I intended to put the gear away properly. Anyway, I got distracted talking to the patients husband about care needs as I recommended that
  3. a couple of months back I attended an MVA around the corner from my office (first on scene after hearing the crash) and found 1 intoxicated male trying to impress the blonde next door by doing a wheelie on an unregistered trail bike. Of course, the bike flipped and he went with it. After calming him down from the head injury, hand injury, intoxication and embarassment, pt became combative again after I started a PCR on him. It seems that he did not want police involved and was afraid that the PCR would be handed over to Police (I have actually politely told Police in the past to go get a court
  4. A mate of mine is a psych nurse, apparently at the moment, they have 1 jesus, 1 god and satan in at the moment., Jesus argues with god and satan. Believe it or not, God and Satan share a room and get along nicely.
  5. i like them... have to keep them coming
  6. http://memegenerator.net/Philosoraptor ok, not philosoraptor, but so relevant.... .... still going.... ....
  7. I agree on the shoestring budget. I have often wondered how one of the largest ambulance services in the world can be run on one of the smallest budgets and the effects it has on the front line. I am enjoying the rants on the blog link that was posted. Good to see ambos letting it all out in a blog instead of holding it all in, and this is something we can all relate to!
  8. Kiwi, you probably will not get them. Many services have their CPGs and protocols held as confidential and do not just release them to anyone without good reason. Sometimes, when I am questioned about care (or meds administration) I will pull out the protocols and encourage the government ambulance service officers to have a look, which leads to the comment 'they are the same as ours.... how did you get hold of them?' It is enough to say that we have a good reason, as it allows for continuity of care for our patients upon transfer. About the only service that I have seen in Australia that p
  9. No, I dont work for ASA in Canberra. I work in a private company in NSW that operates as one of the legit ones.
  10. I can understand your frustration Timmy, I too spent time in the Rural division and a metro division with St John in Vic, and there was a massive difference in the quality of equipment and vehicles. The rural division had a Mitsi L300 van fitted out as an ambulance, looked like it had been donated from the middle east (drove the same too, I threatened to push it down the hill at Mt Bright...) 3rd world, hand me down equipment, etc. It certainly did seem that St John did not exist outside of metro north. The metro division had a brand new Mercedes ambulance (this was back in 2001 - 2003),
  11. All I carry on myself: Gloves in pocket Trauma shears in side trouser pocket (very rare though) If the situation requires it, I might put on my tactical pouch that has drugs, syringes, etc in it, otherwise most of the gear sits on the truck. The more you carry the more bogged down you get.
  12. hehehe, I laugh, but I did that in our Holden Commodore Ambulance... damaged the rear step. After much laughter from bystanders (I had to take photos of the damage to the tree and vehicle for the incident report. They thought that bit was a riot...) and getting a revving off the rest of the team, we installed a reversing camera. Best $400 spent, fixing those damn modules can be quite expensive. Bins usually get hit when I am reversing lol. But to this day, I swear that tree jumped out behind me . I have the same fear at Eastern Creek sometimes (reversing into the medical centre) ...
  13. Thank you emtcutie, the rap video has made my day lol. A few weeks back, working a rescue boat we came up with the idea for 'Belconnen Rescue' (Belconnen is a suburb of ACT, Australia) a complete rip off of Bondi Rescue...
  14. I agree with Timmy here, and I am not promoting St John. In fact, I am going to declare that I work for a company that competes directly with St John for work in the private industry in NSW so there is no conflict of interest/problems. I am also an ex St John NSW volunteer. We cannot just write the bandaid brigade off due to negative publicity, every organisation has it's inherent idiots that make the rest of us look bad. St John WA got cast into a negative light on 4 corners last year, and it was the system, not the front line staff. ASNSW has patients die in the line of duty, as does ever
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