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  1. Try some scenarios, esp. the things that you encounter most in your area. It may be that she freezes when she gets on scene and she just needs the practice in verbalizing what she is going to do. If you can go this far, maybe have someone play the part of a pt on a easy day. Actually have her do some things. Let her take the lead, some people just need that push. During my ride time, the medic on the truck said, on a stable pt, that both he and his partner were going to stand back and let me question the pt and do my assessment. Then the medic would ask me what I want to do, and as long as my treatment wouldn't be detrimental to the pt or totally off the wall, that is what the treatment would be. Then after the call he would ask me how I felt it went and then he would give me his feelings about it. Some people are just shy and need the push in order to get them jump started. Also talk to your superior and see if she could ride third some in order to get her used to being on scene. If so, have the crew chief sit down with her and tell her his/her expectations. That way she knows, "OK, I will be doing this on the calls unless told otherwise." Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks this will help me out a lot. Just because I passed cardiology I still have a long way to go.
  3. At the place I work for now it really all depends on if there is a free crew for lifting assistance. I know our policy states both crew members need to be able to lift up to 150 pounds, but some are stronger and some are weaker. They also try to send two men for the heavier patients. Depends on the day and dispatcher.
  4. It'll be rough, but you just need to budget carefully. Maybe get a roommate if you have enough room. I'm getting it done, and I may be the worst budgeter of all time. If you work for an ambulance service they may offer tuition assistance and they will most likely work around your school schedule since you are going for a higher cert level, just ask a supervisor.
  5. I passed the Cardiology Module Exam today. I was pleasantly surprised, made an 80 on it. Thanks for the websites and tips. Now onto the 2nd Medical module. My brain is fried
  6. Ok- Check for signs of unsafe scene, i.e. fluids leaking, smoke coming from under either or both hoods, etc. Check windshields for star bursts, lift airbags to check for bending of the steering wheel. Triage- Priority 1- -Passenger of car due to severe pain. Did his legs hit the dash on impact? Pt will be transported in first BLS unit. Attempt to find translator. -Driver of SUV due to Abd cramping and pregnancy. Pt's c-spine will be secured and transported slightly tilted to the left side. Pt will be transported in ILS unit to the hospital. Priority 2- -Driver of car, c-spine controlled with rapid take-down, transported on 2nd unit out due to elevated BP and complaint of head pain. -Passenger of SUV, c-spine controlled due to complaint of neck, back pain. Pt transported on 2nd unit out Priority 3- -Infant transported in car seat with towel rolls on either side of head until c-spine injury ruled out. Transported with driver of SUV. While waiting for back-up units I would check vitals and responsiveness again and depending on results order of transport may be changed. Also contact online medical control for orders for the passenger of the car.
  7. All we were told in our class was that you could not be paid for any of the time you put down for "ride time" and you had to do clinicals at a facility that they had a contract with.
  8. Ok, we're doing this in class right now, so I'm going to attempt this. I didn't look past the scenario, so I'm not just going but other peoples answers. Let me know if I'm right or wrong, please. Ok, PVC's... O2 first to try to knock out the PVC's. Place the pt on a monitor, if the occurrence of the PVC's is less than 6 per min, no couplets, monitor the pt closely. Get IV access to give meds if necessary. If PVC's are occurring over 6 times a minute or I see runs of PVC's I would look at the actual heart rate, if knocking out the PVC's would make the pt bradycardic, maybe try TCP? I'm not really sure. Don't want to administer Lidocaine due to possibility of additional bradycardia. I don't know where to go from there, sorry.
  9. Ok, I'm in my 3rd month of medic school and I've passed everything so far. We are in the Cardiac module now. Does anyone know of a good website or book that I can sit down and study with? I would esp. like some scenarios because I tend to understand things better when I have a way of applying what I learn to a situation. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Ok, I'm in paramedic class and we just started calculations. I need some suggestions on doing these, esp the dimensional analysis. Any websites or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Well, I've finally done it. I have passed A&P and have started paramedic school. It's gonna be a long year. It feels like just yesterday I was in Basic class in the chat room asking all of you for your help for the complicated stuff at that level. You'll see me on here a lot more often. See ya later.
  12. Well I guess I should check things here more regularly. Congrats to all who won. Merry Christmas and be safe.
  13. BoCat9

    5 Year old shot

    I had a rough call yesterday. A 5 y/o female was shot in the face, left upper lip. I just can't get the little girls image out of my mind. I need to stop second guessing myself, but I can't help but wonder what if I had done something differently. I feel like I froze up, couldn't remember what to do. Family as working her when we got there, but she was already gone, but we had to work her all the way to the hospital. How can I deal with this? This was my first bad pedi call. :sad11: If this post is in the wrong place, feel free to move it. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  14. BoCat9


    Well, to answer the question, we've had a 450+ lb pt, 2 people to lift the f/w. That was really fun. Then we had a 350+ lbs regular pt where we usually had 2 people to lift. I am morbidly obese, which I am embarrassed about, but I am not letting that keep me in the house. I love my job and I do it well, and as long as I can still get around without hurting someone or something, I will keep it up.
  15. I must admit, I do :oops: Oh well. TPBM Has farted in the fullyh loaded elevator
  16. *takes out tire thumper* Names Nut Buster, how may I be of service to you? :twisted:
  17. Not because I work EMS, because I work retail. TPBM likes white meat chicken
  18. I know how it feels to deal with this, and I'm not even EMT. I have dealt with this in my family, with my mom. It scared me, and I found that all she needed was help and a different way to deal with stress. People who are sucidal just need a friend or someone to listen and help them sort out what is going on in their life. They have come to the edge, and feel like if they turn back, they will encounter the same things that they just came from, and they don't want to do that again. I know it's frustrating, but when they come out of it, the pts will know that people do care about them and are more willing to talk instead of act on the stressors, therefore leading them to a road of recovery. :wink:
  19. What is your name? Kirstin a.k.a. Kip When is your birthday? 3 September 1986 Eye color? Hazel Hair color? Brown What nationality(s) are you?Irish, Scottish, Swedish, European Any piercings? Nope Any tatoos? Soon, hopefully You have three wishes, what are they? to be a good EMT, to find a job I'm absolutely happy with(hopefully EMT), to find someone to be totally happy with What sound can you not stand? Screeching tires Special talents? ummmmm, nothing I think What is the first thing you do when you wake up? throw the alarm clock into the wall What is the last song you sang? The Real Life by Three Doors Down Do you play any instruments? trying to learn guitar Do you know any random facts? Zebras are Brown and white, not black and white BE HONEST- Do you listen to show tunes? that would be a no Do you want to go to college? eh...there now, don't wanna go back Whats the first thing you do when you get home from work? push the cats away from the door, then hug um Is there anyone you are desperate to meet? Scotty, Irish, and a few others Do you dance around your house when nobodys home? not really Favorite quote? "I'm trying to be somebody, not trying to be somebody else..."Be Somebody by 3 Doors Down "Life can hold you down when your not looking up..."Inside Us All by Creed Main source of exercise? beating up my friend Johnny Yay or Nay Diet Pepsi? NAY Kids? NAY Bread? YAY-soft potatoe, yumm Hair cuts? Sure Hiking? Big YAY Black and white photography?Why not, adds a little interest for me Coffee? yay What C.D.s are in your sterio right now?3 doors down, linkin park Guilty pleasures? none that I can say If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?Mac and Cheese Speak other languages? Spanish and French(both little of) Favorite song (as of right now)? "Let Me Go" by 3 Doors Down Favorite flower? Water Lily Contacts, glasses, or neither? neither, lost glasses Hometown? Springfield, MA, transplanted to Florence, SC Favorite Drink? vodka, but since underage, Sunkist or Dr. Pepper Have you ever been in love? (depending on what your concept of love is) I think I am right now Have you ever been skinny dipping? nope Assertive or passive? Passively assertive? Sing in the shower? Of course, wake up the rest of the neighborhood, well break the windows, but it does the trick Any regrets? yeah, but I'm getting over it right now Do you swear? Hell yeah Do you have any pet peeves? people who don't SHUT UP Favourite Ice cream flavor? Moose Tracks Member of the red light club? nope, can't be
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