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  1. I haven't been on in a while, but I check in on occasion.
  2. I apologize for not responding sooner. I've been sick lately and forgot about this post. Unfortunately, my idea was shot down by the training officer, so I guess on to the next idea!
  3. My grandma explained this very well last week. She said, "The guys figured that if girls could show cleavage up top, they should be able to show it too, just has to be lower."
  4. I was thinking about talking to my director about starting up an EMS explorers program. If I did and got the go ahead, what would I need to start off with, other than interested teenagers?
  5. Went to the eye doctor today, found out I need to go to to a neurologist. Wth?!?

  6. I hereby resign from adulthood.

    1. tniuqs


      Then go to your room for time out !

  7. Correction, 9 days 17 hours and 25 minutes!!

  8. I have a question about the first cardiac arrest I ran as a lone medic on the unit. The call came in as an anaphalactic reaction. We arrive on scene to find a 55 year old male siting in a chair, skin cool and clammy. The patients brother stated that he had walked to his house, came in complaining he had been stung by a wasp and then wouldn't respond any more. Initial assessment showed an overweight male sitting in a chair, unresponsive. Breathing slow and shallow, had a weak carotid pulse. Patient was placed on the stretcher and moved to the unit. On the way to the unit, I request
  9. IF YOUR NOT SCARED !! PUT THIS ON YOUR STATUS AND SEE WHAT PEOPLE RATE YOU !!!!! (1) Crazy. (2) I'd marry you (3) I want to date you. (4) Sarcastic. (5) I miss you. (6) I'd kiss you.(7) Beautiful. (8) Smart. (9) Imaginative. (10) Random. (11) Smart butt. (12) Funny. (13) I don't know you. (14) Amazing. (15) Tough. (16) Cute.(17) I'd hit you with a bus. (18) I love you.(19) Weirdo (20)friends forever (21) Decepticon

  10. Hope you had a good memorial day all, if you are still celebrating and are drinking, STAY HOME OR DONT DRIVE!!

  11. Happy Memorial Day. Take a moment to remember our service men and women that have fought and are still fighting for this country.

  12. Happy birthday dad, and welcome to the world, Logan. Born this morning, my nephew and the newest member of the family!

  13. 9 minutes to rapture...

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Remember, if you're still here tomorrow, you're one of the ones (like me) that are condemned to Hell (thats what they're saying)....

  14. My curfew was the street lights. Mom didn't call my cell, she yelled my name. I played outside with friends, not online. If I didn't eat what mom made, I didn't eat. Hand sanitizer didn't exist, but you COULD get your mouth washed out with soap & your butt spanked & it was ok for the other neighborhood mamas to scold you if you did something wrong. Repost if you drank water out of a hose & survived!

  15. Ok, bed time... hopefully.

  16. Happy EMS week to all of my EMS facebook friends!

  17. My mom Wiped my tears... Hugged me tight... Watched me succeed... Saw me fall... Cheered me on... Kept me going strong... & drove me a little crazy at times. But Moms are a promise from God that you will have a friend forever! Put this on your status if you have or had a wonderful Mom you love!

  18. Ok EMS gods, it is not nice to pick on one crew. Spread the wealth please!

    1. emtcutie


      i'll take some of it, i like busy days :)

  19. "If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and walks like a duck, make sure it's not a confused goose." - Justin Schorr

  20. Going to run a few errands with my mom, go to target and then see a movie. Great way to spend my day off!! :)

  21. Dear Japan, Is it too early to ask what's shakin'? Sincerely, Seriously Going To Hell

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Maybe it was a prophetic question, since Japan got hit by another 7.1 quake today...

    2. emtcutie


      o deary, you cursed japan XD

  22. Relay for life till 7am.

  23. I have actually started working with a county service and I really enjoy it. I still work at the transport company part time, but I don't feel nearly as stressed as I did. I have also switched partners. It's not a permanent solution, I know, but it will work for the time being. Thanks for the advice, everyone.
  24. 3 But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed. -Habakkuk 2:3 This verse has given me hope many a times over the past several years, I hope it will do the same for someone else.

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