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  1. 3 minutes ago, Just Plain Ruff said:

    No plain old doctor will do for a medical director, you need one that understands EMS, a podiatrist or OB GYn won't cut it.  You at least need a critical care doc or better yet an Emergency dept physician.  



    Well, they COULD be the MD. But..... are they qualified for the role? I know a couple of services around here have a family doctor that is their MD. I do not know anything regarding those doctor's history and background though. 

  2. tell us man, don't leave us out in the dark, or the so called nitrous haze!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Holy shit, he's leaving the dark sinister world of dispatch and coming into the light of the world of transport/911 EMS. No wonder why he needed dental care. The service he's working for won't allow someone with only one tooth working anywhere other than dispatch.

    Possibly. :) I'll be interviewing in a couple of weeks. Passed a written and practical test already.

  3. Death by powerpoint is the fastest way to lose an audience.

    Use it as an outline to the lecture.

    This times 100. If you lose the audience you might as well pass out the power point and go home. Often the books will have online resources to use as well, ranging from power points, to lesson plans and videos. I recommend against using them verbatim, but they can give you great ideas of ways to go you haven't thought of. You don't want to spend too long on any one media, especially in a fire school setting. If I remember right, the major publishers design ems materials to the tenth grade level. Keep that in mind as well. Switch up media from videos to slides to hands on. Even if you don't want to teach full time, I'd highly recommend taking some courses in adult education. With the right instructor you can learn lots about communication and theory

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  4. Hmm, looks like some bloke trapped under a tractor; Ambulance, Lifeline airborne, be overhead in about eight-to-ten minutes

    Sounds like a run to my county.

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    I should fully disclose that I've never been fired, nor have I stolen anything from my ex-girlfriends (one of whom is now a Lesbian living in Switzerland) but I have had a really nice stethoscope go missing when we split,

    She took one of his really nice "rims" and sold it to a Mexican for $150. Whoops. Her brother didn't like me anyway. Or her dad. Or most of her friends. Guess it wasn't a huge loss. Although she's the reason I dropped/failed out of college. I don't see that as. Gigantic loss though, considering the opportunities I've had, and I'm back in school now. Alls well that ends well. The way I see it, it's the most eff'ed up times in life that shape us, nd those times we feel glples, we actually have the most control of our destiny.

    That will be 1 billable hour at $125 please.

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  5. Ummmm...ok then, have another beer mate!

    I wish! I only allow myself 2-3 days of beer drinking a year. My liver is in bad enough shape as it is.

    You know I just had my gallbladder out, they surgeon had to punch another hole, because my fatty liver was wrapping around my gall bladder. He had to fight it off.

  6. In the interest of full disclosure. I feel like I should share, I am a state certified EMT through 3/31/14 but currently I am no longer working as an EMT on an ambulance. Only as a FD first responder.

    Also I never finished my PI class.

    I was fired from a job once, but it wasn't medically related.

    I also took $100 from an ex girlfriend after we broke up. She blamed it on her brother and stole something of his. I'd hate to see what that ballooned into.i never fessed up, and I wouldn't even know how to get ahold of her today, almost 9 years later.


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  7. I'm with ER Doc here....not to pick on you...but I have NEVER EVER done this. And, as an officer of my department, if I ever catch any of my crewmembers doing this, it will not turn out well. There is no excuse for laziness. This profession doesn't need "lazy". The profession doesn't deserve it. The patients don't deserve it. If people want to do this kind of crap, then they are in the WRONG business. Guarantee you that would be a write up if I saw it.


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