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  1. Katerina Ann Ruff 7 pounds 15 1/2 ounces. Both mom and baby are doing phenomenal but since it was a c-section I have not seen them yet. Great night here in the ruff family.

  2. Heart Attack? 2 Nitro and a Collar. Broken Leg? 2 Nitro and a Collar. GSW to the head? 2 Nitro and a Collar. That's the new first aid protocol for bystander care.

  3. how is it i've been only TWO shifts and only got TWO calls... and we only transported ONE patient, where is the action?

  4. Clean up in aisle 1. We have porn w/ pics.

  5. Clean up in aisle 1. We have porn w/ pics.

  6. I think Virgin Mobile just marketed a phone for stalkers

  7. Come CHAT people!!

    1. brentoli


      Damnit, I leave, see you in there, come back and youre gone!

    2. (See 4 other replies to this status update)

  8. stuck in photo lab waiting for idiotic freshman to finish their photos

    1. brentoli


      Freshman suck!

  9. YEA Vacation Time. Florida look out here I come. Time to thaw out.

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