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  1. For all of us who are over 40 and find ourselves walking into a room only to chase our tails in vain; "Everyone was born with photographic memory - some of us simply didn't come with film."

    1. tniuqs


      I like that !

      No film ...te he.

  2. A beautiful day for sandbagging! Help your neighbors and bridge the gap between strangers and friends...

  3. New wish for the summer....I would like to see an integrated episode of "House Wives of Orange County" and "Mob Wives"....Hell, I'd pay to see that blood!!!!

  4. "Mob Wives vs. "Housewives of Orange County", who would pay to see that?

  5. Climax (actually a town in Northern MN)
  6. I agree with everyone's posts regarding this sensitive issue - one other avenue to look at is the simple actuality that you are a "mandated reporter". Keeping it within the healthcare setting by forwarding your observations (visual and audio) to the proper command at the home should suffice. You've done what you can in pitching it to the person "in charge" of his ongoing care - after that, the hard part sets in...and you need to have faith in that system and step aside. Good for you in being caring enough to be involved.
  7. Sorry all, maybe I'm just older and ornerier....but does anyone else share some level of disgust for members of the opposite sex who just don't understand our desire to do this job? Maybe I'm too brash, but when someone goes hunting for a month at a time, yet doesn't want me to continue with my training and goal of becoming a remote-site paramedic, it rubs me the wrong way. Is there such a thing as a "happy medium" mate? Someone who's part bad ass and not afraid to say what's on his mind - and not afraid to hear what's on mine? and part human - and not afraid to admit mistakes and move on - and offer the same in return? Lord have mercy - what the hell is going on in the world nowadays? Just needed to vent - my apologies to DwayneEMTP for getting back on this site per your suggestion - and going right to the "personal" forum ) Thanks for the ear all, K
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