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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I think we need to get off the "adreneline junkie" status. Perhaps I would have been better off stating that I like the unknown of responding to a scene that requires a survey, analysis and a response all while possibly having to deal with a hostile or psych. ... (deep breath), ahhh fu+* it, adreneline junkie is easier to say so I'm fine with that title! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I digress ........ .... again, I am a former Physical Education Teacher and am a current HS Lacrosse Coach. I am a former ATC which, trust me here folks, was a crazy hard process to even enter into (pat on my back, 3.82 GPA) let alone stay in through 9 11. I have credentials outside of the EMS field, yes I'm EMS virgin, up the ying yang including Fugitive Recovery Agent, Alarm Responder, Personal Security and a healthy dose of weapons experience. I appreciate all the thoughts and suggestions but if we can move on to more positive corrective reinforcement rather than statements like "getting research from tv shows" (uuuuggg, so dumb) I would very much appreciate it. There is no place in this world for ignorance. Just my 2 cents. .... side note, oh how I wish my DROID had spell check. If typos found, my appologies. Well said and thanks for having my back Mav!
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Dwayne, Although I appreciate your experience and expertise, I have not gotten my research off tv shows. I have compiled good hard thought out data. You are seeing a tiny clip from a thread and hanging on some words and taking them out of context. Another member said adreneline junkie so I used his words. Again, I'm 37, not 18 and kind have been there done that. No premature ejaculation here! I know it takes many years of class and experience to get to Flight Medics. I simply put it out these to get personal information rather than reading documents and formal research. The plan is to volunteer at my local EMS. Obtain my EMT B Certification. Continue being a volly but join another company as a paid EMT. Obtain EMT I Cert. Enroll in and train for Paramedics. Obtain Paramedic Cert and work as a Paramedic for 2 or 3 years as I study to get my RN Cert. Obtain RN Degree and continue to get more experience, then, perhaps become Flight Medic. The way I see it I will be studying and training for a minimum of 4 or 5 years before being ready to consider Flight Medics. Again Dwayne, all do respect, don't go making ill advised and judgemental posts. Remember this is an open forum for people to "put it out there" and get ideas and share thoughts. My 2 cents....
  3. Lol, nice! Yeah I don't spook easy and I like a challenge. I actually spoke with someone today about Flight Medics. I have a long way to go since I haven't officially joined EMS yet, but I will get there. Also placed a call to my County PD who has a CERT (community emergency response team) which is a civilian volunteer based team that responds and treats major accidents and disasters. Rock On!!!
  4. I have my BS Degree in Education and am a former Physical Education Teacher/Coach. I didn't like the political aspect involved with Education so I left and went back to school and became an Air Traffic Controller. I liked that but my timing was bad. I was hired and flew out to Oklahoma City for training just days after 9 11. That gig lasted about 2 years. Since then I have been is business for myself and dabbled in Security work. Yes I am an adreneline junky. But no, that's not my primary reason for EMS and nor is EMS a backup or 2nd choice. Yes, it was at first. But the more I researched it and the more I thought of what I wanted for an ideal career, EMS was and is choice 1. The excitement of PD sucked me in at first. But now, at 37 years of age, I prefer some excitement while giving back and making a positive impact on peoples lives. Not writing tickets and pikssing people off!! Additionally, 2 years ago this past December my local EMS crew saved my life. While working under my pick up truck, the jackstands gave out and the truck fell on me. My 7 and 4 year old boys heard me yell and quickly got the neighbor who called 9 11. The quick and professional work of EMS, and my boys, surely saved my life. I was air lifted to Stony Brook Hospital and was discharged later that night with some good burns from the gas tank puncturing and fuel penetrating my skin and some cuts and bruises from the truck resting on me. That's why I've ultimately chosen EMS. As far as Pararescue, that's the EMS/Adreneline Junkie in me coming out!!!
  5. I am just starting my career in EMS at age 37. I've always wanted to be a Cop bc of the excitement and adrenaline rush that goes along with the job. Since I'm now over the age limitit for PD in my area, I've decided to go EMT/Paramedics as it shares similar exciting qualities as PD. Does anyone know if there are civilian Pararescue or SWAT opportunities on Long Island?
  6. Signalman? Holy smokes! Although I would love to serve and think Military experience is a great way to train, I would miss the heck out of my wife and kids. Though it is still a possibility at this point. I read that bc I have my Bachelors Degree I can't take place in the EMT Scholorship Program. I read elsewhere though that my county offers EMT B certification for only $75 for current EMS. Can I volunteer w my local Department as EMS and qualify for the $75 tuition? If not they charge $850.00 for non EMS. Ouch .....
  7. Hey All! Just joined to gain some insight on the Emergency Med Field. I am a former PE Teacher and Air Traffic Controller. I need a challenging carrer that is ever changing and exciting. I'm looking to join a local department as an EMS Volunteer while taking the EMT B course load to get certified. Eventually I want to be a Paramedic and also do Emergency Response perhaps, in the Military or with a local FD on a rescue boat. Any suggestions/guidance would be much appreciated. Glad to be a part of the community!
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