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  1. I apologize for my utter lack of care or effort put in to that last post Dwayne. I usually do take the time to edit and spell check my writing before posting. I must have been lazy that day in my response to you and I'll work on not being lazy thanks for keeping me in line. In response to your original reply I just don't see how its is possible for me to work the job I have now and go to school for nursing. Also I'm pretty set on my idea of becoming a Medic even tho it's less opportunity and so forth. I feel that it would be better for me to go through being a medic first then if I decide to
  2. Is it really that much of a difference in money from what im seeing its a difference but not too bad plus i think id like the fast paced days u get from time to time...more than being in a building all day everday at least.
  3. Hello, My name is Max and I just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your day to read this and in the future answer any questions I might have. I am still waiting to see if I am accepted into the EMS academy here put on by the Cleveland Clinic. I have plenty of questions and no experience in any medical setting so we shall see how it goes. A brief history about me I grew up in the country and was raised on a mini farm by two amazing parents, went to school and graduated toward the top of my class, decided that college wasn't for me which is a blessing and a curse, worked as and e
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