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  1. well theres two ways of saying Corps and Core is more of a slang term and if you dont believe Im in the marine core well then lol, woah http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1406834364 p Im a Helo Mech for v-22s, ch-53e, cobras and hueys. Ive been to Kandahar, Afghanistan and Al Asad, Iraq (camp cupcake) I know the internet is a shady place and what not but damn. If im gonna ask from some advice on a site from people that are here to help another and share experiences. And just for shits and giggles before you start to cut down people get your facts straight just google marine corps and m
  2. Hello, I am currently in the United States Marine Core and would like some information if you wouldnt mind helping me out. I am within 6 months of my contract ending and have decided to pursue this career path. Ive had a few of my fellow Marines that were paramedics at one point in their career the pros and cons of being a paramedic. I probably will have some stupid questions but you dont know until you ask rite? My first question would be regarding the state licenseing of paramedics is there a federal license or is this just at a state level only? And how hard is t
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