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  1. Hi @yakc130,

    Interesting point.   I am not sure if new EMTs really understand what they are getting into.   With most courses under 200 hours only a small fraction is spend on infectious diseases  with emphasis on washing your hands.  Could this be another reason why EMS should have a degree requirement so there is a greater understanding of what can happen?

  2. @emtwannbe3,

    Your post indicates to me more of a desire to enhance the current education that first respondents currently possess about behavior emergencies rather than going into EMS.  Given your academic history, you seem to be in a great position to format your ideas into a program that would help everyone involved with patients experiencing an issue.   I would recommend seeking some ride-along time to understand the challenges of the first respondents to gain insight on the real views first respondents have about patients that suffer from psychiatric or behavioral emergencies.

  3. I would say that if the EMT was not accessing privileged information from run reports or other confidential documents then there is no expectation of HIPAA protection.  If they are just regurgitating the news that everyone else posses then the EMT would be all set.  If the EMT is acting as a representative of the organization as he speaks of the incident, there may be internal policy issues but no HIPAA issues.   

    I look forward to what everyone else has on this.

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