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  1. what a shocking news topic to hear, rob was not only a friends, ( who could forget those dazzling teeth on his webcam) but someone who enhanced my career and life. A truly sad day, the world has lost one of the good guys, RIP dude, Andy
  2. Tweety with an attitude is an understatement - I have seen first hand what she can do - it is merciless!!!! I still have the bootprint to prove it!!
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for your prompt replies - much appreciated. In answer to Docharris, yes we have an emergency care practitioner scheme here that mainly look after more medical assessment rather than trauma stuff. We also have in our area a critical care program, the advanced care is more of a stepping stone between regular paramedic and critical care. Most of our critical care medics are based on helicopters - the advanced guys would be car based and located in order to be used as a rapid response team used to provide moere advanced interventions to assist the patient. Being car based th
  4. Hi Guys, I am currently spending 28 hours a day working on a pilot project for an advanced care paramedic scheme here in the UK. If successful this project will be rolled out across the whole of the UK. I am at the stage now where we are developing the educational side of the scheme and wondered if anyone had any links or advice, info etc that they could let me have to assist me in this venture. The main topics we are looking at currently ; Intra nasal diamorphine for paediatrics. Trans cutaneous pacing Adenosine use for SVT CPAP this list is not exhaustive - so any advanced
  5. Happy Birthday Terri - I know it is a day or 2 early - but I wanted to be the first to start it this year - lmao :occasion4: :occasion4: :wav: :wav: Andy xx
  6. Well I wish gas was that cheap here - we are paying over $12 a gallon here and it goes up every week without fail - excuse me - I just want to check the pressure on my bicycle tyres.........................
  7. We routinely have BLS doing 12 leads here, and interpreting if they feel able - it also gives them guidance as to whether they call for paramedic backup or not - we thrombolyse pre hospital also. So I think a positive YES - where indicated - any grade should be doing 12 leads Andy
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7065010.stm think that is the link you wanted Terri Andy
  9. I have an idea what else you may have on this guy - I have met his sort before. What the hell - name and shame the loser.
  10. Only a brave man bashes Terri - and anyway she is so disgustingly clinical..................lol And just to add a little - if you want to bash her - you need to go through me .................... be afraid - be very afraid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. LMAO - well I thought I had better clean it up a little before I got accused of anything I shouldnt be doing........................... :-$
  12. Following the recent attempted suicide car bomb in Glasgow airport - Visa have released the following advert.............. Can of gas - $10 2 Propane cylinders - $50 A second hand Jeep Cherokee - $5000 Watching two terrorists burn their ass off - PRICELESS!!!
  13. Looks like you have a fetish thing going on for all things penile - LMAO Andy
  14. Looks like you have a fetish thing going on for all things penile - LMAO Andy
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