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  1. Hi, all, been a member for a while, but really just lurked. I'm one of three EMTs on a rural service in NW Iowa. We have about 200 calls a year, majority being medical or transfers, we're ten miles from a level 4 ER and about an hour from the nearest level 2.. before becoming an EMT in 2010 I was involved in SAR, I took the first responder class in 2005, and knew then that I wanted to advance the training to EMT, took awhile, but I accomplished the goal. Now hoping to advance the training some more to either A or P, but no classes close enough at this point, and am still leary of the online offerings.
  2. explain. Our pager goes off... within 2 minutes our rig is rolling to a call. ( our average scene time is also right at 10 minutes) What do I need to think about? We are down to three EMTs, with five going to school in the fall. we do not have any first responders, Fire only comes if we call for lift assistance. Triemal04, that our protocols do not allow the rig to roll without an EMT. And the majority of our calls we all respond to, we don't all ride, but we are there for scene assist. I guess what bothers me, in the whole paid vs volly fight, and has for years, and I said that also in my first post, Volunteers have the same level of training that someone on a paid service has. We are all professionals. No, we don't have the same call volume, but I know that on my service and the ALS service that we call for assist has volunteer members who take their service seriously, and work to maintain and advance their skills even with a limited number of runs. Would I be full time if I could, absolutely. Would I go to school to get my P if I could, you bet, but I'm not in a position to do either. SO, I and the rest of my team, work as hard as we can to offer the best care possible in the prehospital environment. I really wish I had been able to read the original blog. Then I might not have gotten this thread so off track.
  3. The blog that started this has been pulled down. But here's my two cents on the paid vs. volunteer debate.... worth about a penny. :-) Whether we are paid, or volunteers, is moot. We are all, and should all be PROFESSIONALS. period. Everyone has to have the same training and meet the same standard of care whether paid or volunteer service. That said, i am on a volunteer service, we are paid for our time spent on a run, but not oncall time. We have 3 EMTS who have kept our service responding 24/7/365 for over a year, it will be next year before we have more EMTs, unless someone already certified moves to town, and then we three really won't have a break till they are comfortable. . our average response time is 2 minutes, even at 3am. :-)