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    An intelligent, but lovable woman, good cigar, and a glass of Jamesons or Makers Mark. (Not always in that order!!!!!)

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  1. Hey Naturegirl, you still out there?
  2. emtdennis

    What now?

    Sometimes our children become our inspiration. Congrats to your son.
  3. We're at the hospital and the rig won't start.
  4. Congrats Scubanurse!!
  5. In a disgusted tone, What is your frequent flier level now?
  6. How do you define a bench seat? The units I work in have a small seat on one side, a seat that runs the length of the pt compartment on the other side, and a rotating "captain's chair" at the head of the patient.
  7. Happy Birthday and many prayers for Momma B.
  8. change password

  9. I'll stick with the classroom training. Taking courses online are a good cure for insomnia (at least for me).
  10. Decided to break down and put in a quarter. got a used emisis bag dammit!!!!
  11. Puts in a quarter and gets a blow-up doll
  12. Oh. I wouldn't dare wear it on a call!! No telling what else may try to crawl up there, plus a little cold in the winter
  13. Same here, great thread, Made me do some thinking, thanks
  14. Since I don't see any advanced directives, they don't exist (In NY you have to physically see them). As someone said earlier, calmly convince the patient to let you check vitals, since he is actively in distress. This is definitley something I would want to get medical control involved in. I only feel this way because the patient is AOx3 and is resisting transport, (unless he goes unresponsive) For the sake of our EMT student, what did your instructor think of the answers that were given here? It was pointed out earlier to consider some of your own solutions then come here with them and let members advise you. I personally like to see that you put effort into it on your own.
  15. Time for me to get back to the real things, I've missed these pages
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