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  1. Last blog post

    Hey Naturegirl, you still out there?
  2. What now?

    Sometimes our children become our inspiration. Congrats to your son.
  3. Just for fun

    We're at the hospital and the rig won't start.
  4. the 9 things you never say to a patient

    In a disgusted tone, What is your frequent flier level now?
  5. The Vending Machine Game!

    Decided to break down and put in a quarter. got a used emisis bag dammit!!!!
  6. The Vending Machine Game!

    Puts in a quarter and gets a blow-up doll
  7. Tactical wear: the Tactical Kilt?

    Oh. I wouldn't dare wear it on a call!! No telling what else may try to crawl up there, plus a little cold in the winter
  8. Time for me to get back to the real things, I've missed these pages
  9. "Pun"demonium

    Ok, I thought telling a hair raising story to a bald man was misery enough.
  10. the 9 things you never say to a patient

    How long have you been pregnant (to a heavyset lady)?
  11. Tactical wear: the Tactical Kilt?

    This thing would be lots of fun to wear around the house. Stretched out on the porch smoking a cigar and having a Jameson's!! Would love to get one
  12. Don't piss off the medic

    Loved it!!!! I sure miss some of the times in the military..
  13. Introductions and whatnot ;-)

    Their Loss!!!!!
  14. Newbie in Atlanta

    Welcome Monica, You're right, you have found the best site for EMT discussion and learning. Hope we se more of you on the site.