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    EMS! Cycling, Ohhh and of course studying my Paramedic Specialist books!!! :)

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  1. Division Test #3 please be kind to me!

  2. Just took Division Test number two last night. As God is my witness, it was the hardest test Ive ever taken! We will get the results tonight and Im sure i more than likely BOMBED!!!! It was over the last 5 chapters...intubation, parasympathetic nervous sysytem, blah blah blah. I study EVERY day and it was still difficult??!! We'll see what happens tonight bu...

  3. Well, how's the class going? Where are you at now in your schedule?

  4. Math calculations? Are u serious??? um, the Metric system didnt exist when i was a kid!!!

  5. Life, my friends is great!

  6. I teach tuesdays and thursdays 2pm-10pm, so gotta get to class. In the start of cardiology with the students. Keep me posted on how you are doing. I check the 'city' at least once a day for posts. Good luck!

  7. Just keep plugging away and prioritize your study time and READ. If you have the drive and patience, you can get thru it.

  8. Cool, I instruct the course at WITCC

  9. Its a tough one..three nights a week bout two hours away...each way. Course to be completed in ten months!!!

  10. SHUT UP!!! Me too in NE Iowa!!

  11. Northwest Iowa.....Just caught the Paramedic Specialist tag which is Iowa only and wondered which program you are in.

  12. I was born and raised in Ma but have been in Iowa for ten...wow!...years...U?

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