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  1. Hi are there any emt or medics out there who have a nystagmus or work with someone who has one ? I was formally registered as a emt and wanted to get re-certified, but I have a nystagmus known as dancing eye syndrome. And wanted to know would this stop me from getting a job in ems. My vision is a 20/80, but I have prescription contacts that make it a 20/40 but but still nearsighted. I can legally drive a car and have no other vision problems. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of working in ems with this condition.
  2. Does anyone have any experiance working for Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester. Co. EMS in SC? If so what was it or is it like any info or input would be helpful, Iam considering applying to one.
  3. I was trying to research the roles and responsibilities of the differant crew members during a critical care transport. Like what is the nurse in charge of ? What is the medic in charge of when working with the nurse and when working without a nurse ? Where I live each of our hospitals runs its own transport team. Transporting BLS, ALS, and CCT. An I was really interested in getting into this after medic school and a few years of 911 experiance as a medic. But really couldn't find out any information on roles during transport. Also what are your views on 911 vs CCT. Which due you like better ?
  4. Thanks for the answers to the questions they where all very helpful. I was just trying to get a bigger picture of what a als ift does. Like I said before where I am at most ift services are bls only. And the hospitals have there own in house ift teams that handle the majority of the als transfers. So theres no need to contract a outside service to do them. And yes I do know what each level of emt does . But all of your answers where very helpful and make doing als ift's sound pretty interesting. Can't wait to become a medic and do some. (Don't worry I am in no rush to jump into medic school, probably woun't be untill I finish my BS degree in 3 years). I am perfectly fine being a basic, but I do want to go to emt-I/85 school this year if I can. ( For all who are woundering why I said I/85 and not I/99, SC doesn't have a I/99 just I/85 only.)
  5. Dwayne and Mobey your both correct. I was just wondering what do you do as a paramedic on a ift, than I would on onw as a basic on a bls. I never have did a als ift call before. So I was wondering what's different besides your patient being on a iv with meds from the recieving hospital. But thanks for the answers. Sorry if I worded the question weird.
  6. Yes I am a basic. What I was referring to is I know what you do as a basic emt when doing IFT transports of a bls level patient. I was just asking if when your patient is a als patient on a ift transport is there anything different that you would do, besides monitoring the meds and your general assessments that you would do on any patient.
  7. If you are working for a IFT only service is it still a good idea to go to medic school or just stay a basic or intermediate.
  8. I was just wondering how other emt's and medic's who work for a IFT only service like what they do ? Also is there realy any differance between a ALS and BLS transport in what you do in the back, besides monitoring meds ?
  9. Thanks Herbie we seem to be on the same page. I didn't mean to call a degree a waste. What I meant is I don't want to be 15-20 years into the bussiness and still haven't had the oppurtunity to leave the ambulance at and go into something else in ems like management or administrative work where I could really use what I learned in my degree program. Also I have the option of specilaizing my Health Care Admin. degree in the are of emergency management, which is geared towards emts, and firefighters. And I would really liker to take my education and use it in ems and not have to leave and go to something else. This career field really excites me and makes me want to stay in it. I have thought about a lot of other careers like PA, RN, cop, and even lawyer. But I am mostly drawn to the ambulance.
  10. I just wan to say I don't want the STC to make me look better or anything like that. I just wanted one because I like the scope and don't mind paying the extra money for it. Especially something reliable. I brought a medium priced scope two years ago and it broke in half already. Still don't know how that happened. But anyway, to me chooseing a scope is a personal choice. As long as you can hear well out of it, buy what you want its your money. Scopes come in so many different designs and styles known. People don't have to stick with the basic ones. I see medics with card 3's and doctors with classic 2's. Its all about personal choice and taste. I did hear that the master classic is a very good scope, it is on the pricey side. Just like the STC and if you read my origional post. You see that I found a STC for $160 not $210+ like everyone else is selling them for. So its a deal alsp. Plus it has a six year warranty, unlike two years like most other scopes have. Also if I planned to stay a basic for ever I wouldn't buy a exspensive scope, but I do plan to become a medic and ccemt-p one day. So thats also another reason why I want a scope that will probably never need to be replaced. Who wants to buy a new scope every 2 or 3 years. After you buy the 3rd one you have basiclly paid as much for 3 scopes as you would have for one expensive scope that doesn't have to be replaced.
  11. Thank you p3medic. Your right I don't need a STC, I want a STC.. Just like some people with one child don't need huge 7 passenger suvs, but they get them anyway. Also I don't want a expensive scope to make a status symbol. Thats stupid to pay that much for something just to look good.
  12. I don't look at my degree as a waste. I choose to get a bachelores degree for a few reasons 1. So I can have something to fall back on in case I have to leave ems. 2. I can use my degree in HCA for ems as well as bussiness management. I have always toyed around with the idea of opening up a bussiness or two in the future. I like the HCA program because it teaches you about finances, personnal management, and organization management also. 3. Advancement oppurtunites. Example if you go up for a Lt. position and everyone is a medic with the same amount of years in service and the same qualifications. What is going to seperate you from the next person in line. 4. There are some agencies I have found that pay there medics more if they have a degree verses if they don't. So there are a lot of reasons
  13. I was wondering how long does it usually take to become a supervisor in ems and what are some of the requirments to get that position. I know it takes a couple of years of field work, medic school, and some college probably. But what else and how long did it take you ?
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