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  1. hey! my class starts on monday- and i am so excited! my original class choice was canceled for lack of enrollment, but, like you i am dedicated to learning this stuff!! i will have to switch my life around a bit to accommodate the new schedule- but it is so worth it!! good luck to you and i hope to hear more about your classes!! -sam
  2. thanks everyone... i appreciate the encouraging words! i am so ready! i just wish my classes would start... i still have some time to waste- and was wondering what i could do in the mean time to prepare myself even more? anyone have any info on good websites, books, contacts? thanks, sam
  3. Hi All! My name is Samantha. I am starting EMT classes in about 3 weeks! I am so excited- I am borderline giddy about it. I am so confident, and satisfied, about my career choice and goals. It is a great feeling to have finally decided what I want to do with the rest of my life! I have a wonderful, supportive man and two beautiful little girls to help me through it all! It was awesome to find this site, and has really helped me understand more about what I'm getting in to. Thanks to everyone for posting your thoughts, experiences and questions! I am so ready for all of it!
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