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    Happy New Year from Ireland.
  2. All the Best AK, I do more reading than posting and I've always regarded your posts as some of the better ones. Take care and best wishes with the new business.
  3. He would also need a work visa to work in Ireland. There are no EMS jobs available in Ireland ( with our National Ambulance Service), and probably won't be for the immediate future, There are several Private Ambulance companies , but they mostly do patient transports and a few emergency calls and the pay rate wouldn't be as good.
  4. Our Advanced Cardiac first responders use the I-Gel airway, No messing with trying to inflate it, cheap as well. Simple to use.
  5. About 10 years ago here in Ireland, our local Ambulance Service and our Nation Police Force wore almost identical Blue shirts (they were very distinctive) and navy blue trousers. There was a court case in our local newspaper where a guy was appearing in court for assaulting a Policeman (or two !) he apologised in court and his excuse was that He thought they were Ambulance men trying to take him to hospital, as if it was a perfectly reasonable excuse. On the gun theme our Police officers are routinely unarmed ( Pepper spray and ASP type batons only)
  6. Shears (2 pairs) Glove pouch Small Knife or multi tool A stethoscope that YOU can hear well with. Penlight (pupil check) LED flashlight for scene work (pocket size is fine loads of them on ebay) Pens Marker Field guide Comfortable boots ( steel toe if reg's require) you could also get a cheap BP cuff for home practicing to develop your skill set. Put together a personal bag with comfort items (food, socks, map book, spare batteries, etc) that you can bring with you. A small backpack will do.
  7. I was so sad to hear of his passing, I looked forward to reading his posts, and for some reason , He had been on my mind the last couple of days. Please pass on my condolences to his family. I wouldn't dream of saying that I knew him, I think he may have PM'd me once or twice in the early days, but He certainly had a big effect on me and the way I think.
  8. I have a Galls mega medic bag that was given to me, I don't use it in the "field" but use it to store training gear. It's huge and seems well made. the dividers are a little bulky but very rigid, and it has a waterproof bottom. To give you an idea of size, you can put 3 x 1000ml iv bags & giving sets , plus a selection of cannulas etc in one of the side pockets. I also have copy mega medic bag, that I got off a dealer on ebay (also free, as my order was late). there is a marked difference in quality, the Galls one is much better quality but probably 3 times the price. I keep a Galls Mini Medic Bag in my car for use as a first aid kit. Even though it's small I can fit plenty of supplies in it and it doesn't take up much space. Also got that bag for free too !!
  9. Welcome back Dust, Even though I don't post much ,I check in every day and was wondering where you'd got to. I hope things work out okay. I was going to pass on the luck of the Irish, but being an educated man you'll know all the Irish Luck has gone ( the Germans bought it !!) Anyway I look forward to many more of your future posts.
  10. Any cheap safety glasses will do , as long as they have good side protection too. I have a couple of pairs that I keep in my bag and in the back of the Ambulance. I always keep sunglasses for when I'm driving, I always make sure that they are up to BS (British Standard)and I never go for expensive ones.
  11. Hi, I just finished reading a book a colleague lent me called "Medic" , about British (mostly) military medics (all ranks from stretcher bearer to surgeon). I can't convey how moved I was reading it, words escape me. If you ever get a chance to read it, do so. Hats off to all you combat Medics, of any nationality.
  12. Years ago, my Father(RIP) was at a garage near our home which is next to a river, he was talking with the owner and a Policeman when they heard a commotion from the direction of the river. A young boy had fallen in and his sister was calling for help. The policeman and my Father went to help and my Father ended up saving the boy and having to assist the policeman from the River. Years later Dad was invited to the boy's 21st as guest of honour.
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