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  1. Hello All, I'm looking at visiting the USA again later this year and hoping to see if i can get some on road (ride-a-long) experience with FDNY or another 911 provider. Currently I'm a Paramedic in Australia. Just writing to see if anyone could point me in the right direction for a contact with a NYC 911 Paramedic service that may allow and offer this. Cheers David
  2. Hello all, I have been trying to search and seek information about working in the UK as a Paramedic. Can anyone assist me with what i need to do or who i should talk to about working in the UK. Cheers David Paramedic Australia
  3. Hey, Yes I;m who you think i em ... haha i got out of Paramedical service years ago. I have been working as a level 4 ALS Paramedic for another mob. And should be with a state service very soon.

    Hows RAV going... if i have the right person...

  4. G'day Dave, if you are who i think you are, hows life at paramedical services?

    If not, welcome to the city!

  5. All the same, same principle to the KED.
  6. Hello, It is like the KED. I have a link for you: http://www.neann.com/NIEJ%20Info%20Page.htm Kind Regards, David McLeod
  7. Please join ... We need to beat the Police and Firefighters http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/group.php?gid=118593954834657&ref=ts
  8. Hello All, does any one know where i can get seccond hand paramedic Defibs eg Zoll M's? Is there a service that sells old State ambulance defibs Im in Australia.
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