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  1. Thank you, Xselerate and Rid. I've been trying to research before asking a question .... I know the ALS in my area are using locks much more frequently now. The ERs certainly seem to appreciate it. Neoboi, I don't see anything you did that was wrong. You got your patient to the hospital quickly and safely, and communicated with everyone. There will always be other opinions and other ways of doing things. If someone suggested something you like, save it and use it going forward. If not, don't worry about it. Everybody's ok. I hope you feel better after everyone's support...
  2. Question: What is the difference between a saline lock and a regular IV clamped down? Why could BLS transport with a lock but not an IV? I'm trying to read up on IVs but what I've seen so far doesn't address this.
  3. Could you expand on how much time is involved in knocking out someone's drive? Would it really take hours for this to happen? In my area transports are average 5-8 minutes plus on-scene time... could hi flow oxygen hurt the patient in that time?
  4. Well said, medik8. I think even if they're dazed a bit they can understand that you're only trying to protect them. I may borrow that line! Does anyone have any "best practice" out there for padding under the patient or handling a cold board? The surface of the board is a bit slippery for a blanket. On a cold night it's like putting someone on a block of ice. We picked up an elderly lady from a nursing home, ground level fall but she said her back hurt so we immobilized her. I felt terrible for her, she looked so uncomfortable. Any suggestions?
  5. Anthony, I totally agree with you. My first few months as an EMT were pretty tough. Some folks were good instructors and others had no patience and were even malicious towards newbies. I learned to find a few people I trust and ask them a lot of questions - the most important one being, what do you want me NOT to do? As I am learning more and taking on more responsibility that's the question I go back to - My squad's training officer was delighted with that question...and ran down a list of "Never.."s that i will never forget(!) and I think have helped me avoid some mistakes as well as
  6. Assuming you're talking about the drug box and not just some band-aids. If that's true, there are only two reasons I can think of for such a thing - either their own use or for sale. Both are deplorable in a medical professional and jeopardize their entire organization.
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