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  1. Online is the way to go. The US has a shortage of EMS Providers. When, When when when say it again when a disaster happens we will need as many trained responders as possible. BLS is not that involved. The A&P is very basic. ALS is not that involved. Class room will never replace the field for making or breaking a Provider. So on the job training is paramount. 8 hours of ride along time does not make an EMT. If a student can begin to learn the academics online, then great. You can go to Law School online. Will you be able to defend OJ. Maybe not but, it is a start. EMS can be full o
  2. This is my take on it. This is not my run so I really don't care but...............EMT-b training does not teach these guys how sensitive a job they hold. Just the possession of Vicodin and Pot are out side the fence. It is still the south, so.....I will raise an eyebrow to the cousin issue. It have heard of several Sex Offenses in that area. Someone might ask what is going on. This type of issue is very complex and other EMS Providers passing judgment does not help. Remember this...... put a firefighter in a room with 2 steel balls, he will brake one and loose the other. I know I have done it
  3. I have worn turnouts to the point that avoid putting them on at all cost. I have been on the largest fires in the history of California. You guys are not getting it and that might be why we have a problem. <br><br>Are u willing to wear the gear you have been issued for a week, running 24 calls a day, day and night in a disaster zone. It seems a couple of you have an aversion to the Fire Service. The Fire Service runs the show in 80 percent of america when it comes to 911 EMS, and I see an aggressive take over of Private EMS by the Fire Service in the next few years due to budgets n
  4. Mandates. Similar to NFPA. Enforcement would have to be on the County or State Level. The enforcement issue is a problem in every industry in America. Employers try to cut corners if they know the cops are not around the corner. This may not be a problem everywhere. That is why I posted the topic. In my area I have seen EMT's show up in Tennis shoes with their shirts hanging out. But a more pressing issue is WHEN a disaster strikes. The Big Earthquake in California. I know Fire has stockpiles of PPE. But that is for them. Not for the BLS or ALS private provider. I will use Hurricane Katri
  5. I would like to know how many users feel Private EMS Providers Uniforms are Substandard. Not taking the Bloodborne Pathogens Issue into the Picture, it Appears EMS Provider Uniforms In General are Cheap, Do Not Provide the Proper Thermal Protection (cold weather), etc, etc. When is the DOT going to come of age and follow the NFPA, and Create Mandates for EMS Personnel and Their Safety.
  6. I don't know how many responses you have had? Here is my advice. You are assuming allot. First off the EMT-B program at Miramar is Good. The lead instructor is a great gal. The program is ALWAYS FULL, you will need at 3 months lead time being admitted to Miramar if you expect to get a seat. It will take about 8 months to finish the program and pass the NREMT-B exam. Then you will need to work as A EMT-B for six months to qualify for a Medic program. Wages are 10.00 and hour or so, and you will not run any Emergency calls. EMT basics to not run emergency calls is SD city at all. All 911 goes
  7. Welcome to the CITY!

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