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  1. Dont be scared think of it as, when you go l&s everyone on the road is going to hit you or freak out around you. Go slow go safe double check every intersection and assume someone will cut out infront of you remeber those simple facts and you will be fine. also the more you are annoying with the siren chances are you will get people to notice you are there
  2. Yeah I'm here but don't come on much do we have a kik group if not we need one
  3. We need a Facebook group ?
  4. I don't do the job for the respect I do it because I truely love to help the people in their worst day possible. I do it because others are unable to Bear the burdens we handle on a daily basis. I do it for my coworkers who I can make there day just a little better. The only thing that I want at the end of the day is a simple thank you
  5. Well it has come to that time! I thought long and hard about this decision, and i have finally made it. I'm going for my medic!!!!!!! So with that being said is there anything i should pick up to help prep for medic class?
  6. it sure can and i look foward to every day of it
  7. Yeah different aged PT's same symptoms
  8. Yeah there was pregnancy and was 28+ weeks difference is abrupto has uterin pain and prievia has no pain
  9. I think I bombed got shut off at 68 every question was severe vaginal bleeding no pain I put ubrubto when I looked it up was plcenta prievia I do t know but I think I failed :/
  10. ok ok i give in ill watch movies and play video games instead
  11. thanks all. todays the day test isnt till 5:45 pm so i might do a little light reading
  12. NREMT tommrow so scared

  13. thanks im touching base on all the cardiac airway ob and ems ops in the book before tommrow gratz on passing hopefully i can say the same on thursday!
  14. i keep reading this book, but what should i focous on i know i had alot of GCS questions when i toook mine in 2010 but i dont know what else to really look at i have been using http://www.emt-national-training.com but i dunno people say dont use test sites other say to use them so i dont know.
  15. it's finnaly over its a bittersweet made some great friends that i hope to have in my life memories that will never be forgotten. and i even learned a few things that i didnt already know. now today is the day to take that final test and give everything i got. so on sataurday i can pass my practicles and leave a new changed man and confident student about to take his NREMT.
  16. FINALS ARE HERE TODAY IS THE DAY sooo excited!

  17. Finally midterms are done 3rd highest grade in the class on midterm starting ride times soon looking forward to being done and working rescue at my volly service
  18. i got something to post! why does no one pack the chats anymore?
  19. noted and locked away for cardiac class
  20. thanks, not sure if spelling counts as long as he is sure that he knows what im trying to say, hey ill take the 14pts that would bring me up to a 95.7 avrage.
  21. this is going to be on a quiz in my class i wrote this from memory its good to know you might have it on a quiz too right atrium tricuspid valve right ventricle pulmonary valve lt+rt pulmonary artery arterioles in the lungs capalaries in the lugs diffusion (c02 off 02 on) venules in the lungs lt+rt pulmonary venis left atrium mitral valve left ventricle (largest and strongest part of the heart) aortic valve aorta corinary artires 8 distrobution points artieroles of the tissue capliary beds diffussion (o2 off Co2 on) venules of the tissue veins of the body inferior+superior vena cava thats the path of blood threw the body know it love it like it 23 bonus pts please ty
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