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  1. I took A&P at my high school(for college credits of course) during my EMT-B class and helped me out significantly. Some of my class mates would not understand why the body did certain things and my instructor would have to explain it, where as I knew from the get go.
  2. I finished my EMT-B class about a month ago, currently I am 17 and a senior in high school. In this area they normally require you to be 18 however, I got into a special program that started up so my class was all high school students. I feel that if you are mature enough and smart enough then why should age matter? The only thing that I regret about so young is the fact that around here you have to be 21 to be employed by an ambo service, so I am going to be looking for jobs as an ER Tech once I get NREMT certified when I turn 18.
  3. Hey, all im an EMT-B high school student that knows java. So I coded an app during EMT-B class that would help me. I am going to do some shameless promoting here, so if this is not allowed then I am sorry. If it isn't then I won't feel bad if you scrap my post. Anyways to the juice: BLS Drug Profiles This app is based off of my state protocols, you can get it in the Android Market by searching for BLS Drug Profiles Screenshots: Now on to the ALS app, I just finished this app tonight. You can get it by searching the market for ALS Drug Profiles. Screenshots:
  4. Thanks, yea I am kind of tired of the other site. I think I probably should have left when Rryder left

  5. welcome to the city, recently made an account over here myself after the recent movment over at the other place

  6. Im sorry that this happened to you, : /. It really is kind of lame, even if he did want to take Christmas off he still could have planned something for you guys. Also, if you do not mind me asking what company do you work for? The only ones around here that I know of are PMT and Southwest. Obviously you don't have to post about it if you don't want to, I am just curious.
  7. Kind of tired of emtlife...

  8. Kind of tired of emtlife...

  9. Kind of tired of emtlife...

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