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  1. I sent you a message, but didn't realize you were in Edmonton lol. Seeing as how you live in Edmonton, I'd suggest NAIT. My buddy just went thru the EMT program at CCEMS and he didn't have a good time at all. I'd personally recommend PMA in either St. Alberta, or Calgary. That's where I am going right now, and it's a very good school.
  2. I have no evidence to support the hands on theory, nor do I have any evidence to support hands off theory. All I can say, is that my entire first aid/pre-hospital care career, I've always been told to stand clear of the patient while a shock is being delivered. I haven't actually seen people go down from having their hands accidentally on a patient, but I have heard stories of other providers going down while having their hands on a patient while a shock is being delivered. Will be interesting to see what AHAs response is.
  3. I completely agree. A broken windshield is reason enough to put yourself out of service, and request another unit responds to your original call while you await a ride and the police, or bobbies in this case. However I think the point that Dust was making was that they stopped right there, or to close to the overpass. This could possibly make matters worse. The unit should have driven a short distance away (I'd personally say a little further than 100ft) and pulled over away from the scene where this occurred.
  4. Hey there basejump. Welcome to the city. I was just wondering what schools in Alberta you applied too.
  5. Welcome. I've got a sneeking suspicion you might be another BC guy since you have your occupation listed as EMR.

  6. From what I have heard, the JI is not being held responsible for the lost costs due to the "strike" that BC Ambulance went on early 2009. I know there are over 350 students that need to be precepted, and the JI isn't going to be offering a refund to "unsuccessful" (students that have not being able to do on-car as a result of the strike) students. I think, you, like the other ~349 students just need to wait it out a little longer until this mess clears up.
  7. Welcome to the City!

  8. Has anyone tried or used this new MyClyns spray that's being used in the field? I've seen it in JEMS over the last year, but haven't ordered any yet. Was looking for some feedback if anyone has used it yet. If you haven't heard about it... From the myclyns.ca website
  9. Not yet.. they made me submit a request for an invitation, so hopefully I'll be on there. Let you know why I am.
  10. Thanks everyone for the welcomes. I'll make sure to use the search function before asking n00b questions.
  11. Hey all! Just thought I'd say a quick hello to everyone and let you know a little bit about me. I'm a 19 year old EMR that's been into first aid and pre-hospital care since I was 14. Still young and new to the world of EMS. I am currently a supervisor for a first aid company that does medical stand-by and holds first aid classes. I'll be taking the PCP course in Toronto in September. Some other things about me. I'm really into paintballing. Both recreational and competitively. I am a horrible speller, and enjoy fishing. Well, that's it about me for now.. any other questions go ahead and ask. Until then.. see you in the forums! Oh P.S. Merry Christmas to all.
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