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  1. The continued stupidity of those around me boggles my mind. Wtf?

  2. Blueberry jam canned-check, tomatoes canned-check, 3# of spaghetti salad made-check, angel food cake made-check, house cleaned-will have to check n make sure kids didn't take the short cuts. Time to sit down for some lunch.

  3. Tons of stuff to get done today

  4. My windows are being inhabited by shit flies. Where did these nasty bastard come from? On a side note my supper was awesome!! Fresh green beans, potatoes and ham chunks in the crock pot

  5. Heading to the farm to play in the crick...

  6. Making plans to break ground on a new garden for next year. We will be adding potatoes and green beans!! Maybe even some cukes :)

  7. And done with first round of tomatoes.Thanks Kyle Heather Combs for helping out.

  8. OMG I think I laughed so hard I tinkled a little!!! Thanks for sharing that with us Lone.
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