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  1. in NY state EMT-B's can do BLS work, splinting, assist with nitro and epi pens, give O2, use a defibrillator, board and collar...all that stuff... we have a level called EMT-CC (critical care) who can administer meds, start IV's, EKG's and intubate as well as BLS stuff and then at the top is Paramedic..they do everything...
  2. I'm from Long Island, New York..been an EMT for almost 6 years and I am due up for my 2ND challenge refresher in the next 12 months....I'm brand new to EMT City here on the web and have read the posts pertaining to this situation. I'd agree with everyone else that you both got shafted and that's not fair. It also sounds like the instructor has no clue what he's doing or doesn't care. When we took our practicals to get certified the first time it was very straight forward..hell, they even gave us a copy of the packet that had all the things listed that they look for when they test you so you'd know what to do and remember the little thing (BSI and scene safety anyone?) So it sounds like something is definitely up at that school and should be looked in to, I can't believe the school administrators were not interested in looking into this! If they offer the class and something happens like this they should HAVE to do something! So much for the city school system!! :?
  3. oh i have gotten very creative when it comes to splinting! We carry vac packs at my fire dept.(vollie) but not at the paid ambulance co. where i work...we've used rolled blankets, pillows, rolled cloth chux, board splints, popsicle sticks (i worked at a day camp) for fingers, we even splinted a leg with a folded checkerboard (yes, the game) (it was a kid). You can really use anything if you think about it!
  4. :?: My Fiance' works for a fire department who still uses the Ferno model 28 (the stretcher that turns into a chair) He wants me to find out if there were ever any recalls on it or problems with it collapsing while it was up. I googled it and didn't come up with much..anyone have any suggestions or info they could pass on about them? Thanks. Meri
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