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  1. just curious....what state are you in that allows 16 year olds to become EMT's? here in NY you have to be 18 to sit for the test. welcome aboard to the forums!
  2. You need to purchase a license to operate! What state are you in? Do you have any business background? If you can get the license you have to contact your state DOT and DOH and find out what the requirements are. You need to find a building, get supplies, get contracts with nursing homes and other facilities. This is a big undertaking you want to get in to. Some states aren't giving out licenses any more...you have to buy out a company that has one already and use theirs under the new name. This isn't a cheap business to get into either...you have to work with insurance companies to bill for services, you need insurance for your building, employees, vehicles, etc. Do some research and contact your state DOT and DOH before you go any further. See if it's even feasible for you to do this. It's not as simple as just buying an ambulance and stocking it....Good Luck!
  3. despite my busy work and school schedule I'm still finding time to vollie!!

  4. Is there any action you can take against the member that posted the content and caused all the trouble?
  5. Have y'all considered making posting of links only instead of copy and paste stories. May have to make that a rule and get some more mods on board to help monitor everyone.
  6. Hi Samantha!! Welcome to the wonderful world of EMS! it is a very tough field to be in (especially for a woman) but very rewarding and SO worth it! I have been an EMT Basic for 10 years and as of last year upgraded my cert to EMT-Critical Care. Loving every minute of it! I wish you good luck and if you need any advice/have questions/just want to complain or talk feel free to reply back! Meri
  7. Toby, I would be more than happy to chat with you! I have been a Firefighter/AEMT for 10 years. You can either email me at groovyfirechick@gmail.com or reply back here. I am watching the topic. I commend you for starting down another career path at this point in your life! Meri (FireMedicChick164)
  8. We have had our Rad 57 for 2 years now and let me tell you it is the best piece of equipment we have ever purchased! Have used it many many times not just for civilian cases but for rehab for our firefighters at fire scenes. Has proved a very valuable and useful diagnostic tool. This has resulted in us diverting to a hospital which has a hyperbaric chamber (which is farther than our closest receiving ER) based on the pt's CO levels....better for the patient! Definitely worth the money! http://medgadget.com/archives/2005/03/rad57_pulse_coo.html
  9. To answer your inquiry: 1. I didn't know it was held yesterday. 2. Didn't know you could watch it online. 3. Why would D.C be any more appropriate than Colorado Springs? 4. I didn't see it. 5. I have never participated. FireMedicChick164
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your wife. I just yesterday lost a friend and colleague of mine from cancer. I know that her memory will live on through you and your children and that she will remain a part of your life even though her body is gone her spirit will remain with you. Loss is such a hard thing to describe but we have all gone through it and understand it. I couldn't ever imagine losing a spouse and I can imagine that it is the hardest thing you will ever have to endure. Just know that I will be praying for you and your family. Keep your head up brother, things will get better. Peace and Hope Meri (FireMedicChick164)
  11. well welcome and congrats on getting your EMT! I'm an EMT-CC from NY....been a tech for 10 years now and been a vollie FF for 11 years. It's quite a ride but you will love it!
  12. we are hosting the 5th Battalion Parade/Drill June 19 at 6pm!

  13. we are hosting the 5th Battalion Parade/Drill June 19 at 6pm!

  14. we are hosting the 5th Battalion Parade/Drill June 19 at 6pm!

  15. lol how do people think up this stuff?! that was really funny
  16. well...no....my b/f actually pees in the shower, not me...but thanks for the guess... The person below me makes s%^t pay because they work in EMS. Happy Holidays!!
  17. I'm going to have to warn my little sister about Imitrex then...thanks for the info guys I will pass it on. Meri
  18. I can't tell you when I'm working how many times a day I hear from people "Oh honey, the ambulance drivers are here." or "The ambulance people are here." I just let it slide....the patch on my shoulder says New York State Emergency Medical Technician as does the card I carry in my wallet. I could care less what people think we do....also you'd be surprised how many of the rich yuppies in my town think we are a paid FD..even though it clearly says "Volunteer" right on the front of the firehouse. Just my thoughts on the subject. Meri
  19. we don't carry narcs on my vollie rig...at work the medics carry narcs....never seen em used yet... I totally agree with managing pain though. I have a recent example having to do with me. Monday at work I crushed my finger between the stretcher frame and the release lever while we were loading a patient into our rig....broken finger...my partner and I watched it swell as I waited for the stars to fade from my vision and tried not to pass out. So after I got my bearings I splinted my finger, slapped an ice pack on it and got in the back of the rig with the patient (we were taking her to the ER for abnormal labs) and we proceeded hastily to the hospital where we delivered the patient to s bed and then I signed in to get my finger looked at. After I saw the triage nurse and reporting my pain was an 8 they gave me Tylenol and sat me in a chair by x-ray..no I have a very high tolerance for pain but this FREAKIN' HURT! The Tylenol didn't touch it....needless to say when I got home afterward I took some Benadryl and some Vicodan that I had and slept for 12 hours....that was 2 days ago...my finger is still blue in spots and swollen to the size of a hot dog and kinda gross looking and the Tylenol is finally controlling the pain. So much for effective pain management!!
  20. Since I was thinking about old TV shows...anybody remember the name of that show that had the robot girl who lived with a family..I think she "slept" in a closet..I seem to think her name was Vickie and I have part of a theme song in my head...Boy I feel old! Thanks guys this has been bugging me for days!
  21. It's kind of sad but I still have my NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) cassette tapes and still know most of the songs... My Little Pony, Care Bears, Popples. Does anyone remember the Fisher Price toys? They had the houses and the people figures that are no bigger then my thumb..I still have them all stored in the attic (for my kids some day). I also have the ambulance, fire truck and fire station..I used to fight over them with my little sister! Sneakers with Velcro and those socks with the stripes at the tops? The white leather Keds with the rhinestones embedded in them? (the stones fell out after awhile) Romper Room? Magic Garden? I used to ride backwards in my mom's old Plymouth station wagon with the fake wood paneling on the outside..it didn't have seat belts! :? This is more recent..I used to watch Animainiacs after school on channel 11 (I think) Yakko, Wakko and Dot! Still can sing the Gummie Bears and Duck Tails theme songs. My dad used to put on RECORDS on Sunday nights and we used to dance in the living room to the Twilight Zone theme song..now you tell kids about records and they look at you like you are nuts! :roll: Boy I feel old!
  22. Ok..so I'm not the only one who wakes up before the pager goes off for a call...I feel a little better now!
  23. What is the stupidest or funniest thing that have ever happened to you at the firehouse/EMS squad house, in an ambulance, at work ect... I got sprayed down with a water can after our ladder truck dedication...I was in uniform and some idiot started a water fight! :roll:
  24. We were coming back from a call one day last summer..I was in the ambulance and all of a sudden we hear "Living La Vida Loca" start playing over the fire radio...then we hear "Oh S**t!" and "Let go of the mike!" and the radio goes quiet... We found out later that they were playing a CD in one of the trucks and someone in the officers seat was playing with the mike and the call button got stuck.. Oops!
  25. In the 6 years I have been in EMS I think I have used the KED about 4 times...the same pertains to the traction splint whch I have used all of once...
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