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  1. I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and an anxiety disorder at the end of last year. I've been doing my best to stay functional and go day by day at this point. ??
  2. oh yes, I am all well too aware of that fact and I was the one who pushed for my docs to find something to control my asthma. I always carry my inhaler and epi pen with me because I am not taking ANY chances!
  3. I was hospitalized a few times last year with my asthma and once for a bee sting (allergic). Haven't been tubed yet but it's come close to it. I finally got on meds that reduced my symptoms by quite a bit so we are aiming for no hospital visits this year for me (except for taking my patients in, of course).
  4. I have been in EMS for 12 years now and have finally landed a job that I love. I work in onsite construction site medicine and it's great. For years I worked private EMS on a bus and ended up hating it for a number of reasons so I quit. I have always wondered about people in other parts of the country/world who have jobs in the EMS field. What do you guys like and dislike about you job?
  5. I play video games on my computer. I love outdoor activities...hiking, camping, biking. Love photography and I have recently gotten into model building (my first big project is a WWII ambulance!)
  6. I'm an asthmatic. In all honestly when my asthma gets so bad I start getting tired out I welcome any assistance. On the other hand if you came at me with a tube and didn't knock my ass out first I'd start swinging! Just my two cents....
  7. broke off my engagement....dealing with my feelings....

  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of EMS in New York State! I'm a Firefighter/EMT-CC and I work on Long Island. What part of the state are you in? This place is great to get info and post questions. Let me know what your number starts with when you get it....I've been a tech for 12 years already....time flies when you are having fun!! Remember...you can never ask too many questions....especially if you are new!
  9. working a triple in the next 2 days! wish me luck!!

  10. Hello earthquake in NY!!

    1. fireemsworld1


      Crazy. I thought I left earthquakes when I moved out of Cali.

  11. It's getting more common over here especially in cities due to the pollution, global warming etc....I just don't like drawing attention to myself if I can help it so toting my neb with me makes me a little self conscious.....
  12. It's amazing what a chiro adjustment can do to improve asthma! I feel soooo much better today! thanks Doc!

  13. I feel a hell of a lot better today! Hooray!!

  14. LOL Mike thanks for the laugh...I needed that! I need to start looking for the positive in all of this I guess. That may help.
  15. Actually I'm frustrated cause I am sick all the time...sick of being sick, ya know? Sick of feeling like crap, sick of being in pain, sick of not being able to breathe, sick of being embarrassed that I have to stop and take all these meds all the time, sick of not being able to live up to my potential because I'm sick all the time, sick of people feeling sorry for me. I love my new job and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I still run 911 with my vollie FD when I am off of work. So I still see my fair share of great calls. I just want to get better!
  16. now that my back is feeling better my asthma decided to kick in! fantastic!

  17. Hey guys. I've been having some issues lately and figured where else to turn to for some good advice but a bunch of medics. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with asthma. Despite all the meds and everything my doc has been trying it gets better but then comes back with a vengeance and a few times has landed me in the ER. So I have to tote my freaking nebulizer with me where ever I go and always make sure I have my meds on hand as it seems these days just about anything will set off an attack. It's embarrassing to have to nebulize myself 2 or 3 times during a shift (for awhile there I was hitting it up every 2 hours as per docs orders) and I feel bad for my co workers having to put up with it. I got a new job in May as an Occupational Health Technician and work over nights on a construction site basically sitting in the clinic trailer waiting for patients (so I'm not in the field much any more). Now here is where I need the advice....why do I feel so damned frustrated about the whole thing? Is it logical for me to be frustrated? Do any of you deal with a chronic illness while still doing your best to be the best medic you can be? What else (if anything) should I be doing to fight this? Thanks guys...I don't know what else to do...I'm ready to scream! FireMedicChick164
  18. Hey EMTCOWGIRL welcome to the city! Hopefully we will see you around a lot. I have a piece of info for you and a piece of advice. First let me say that I have been an EMT for the last 12 years....9 as a Basic and the last almost 3 as a Critical Care. As much experience I have had I STILL get nervous on some calls....especially if it's something I haven't seen in awhile and/or I am the only tech on the bus (happens sometime in my vollie FD). I am not 100% confident in my ALS skills and since I know this I strive to just do the best I can and work with it. My advice to you is to ask questions! Even if you think it is the stupidest question in the world or think you should already know it, ASK. I tell that to all the kids at the fire house when they start out. Granted I have gotten some rather bizarre questions in the past. Some have made me go "huh?" and some have made me laugh, but they have always either taught me something or taught a rookie something. You should always be willing to learn. I have learned new things from EMT students and they have learned new things from me. I wish you good luck and go kick that bitchy medic in the ass when you get a chance....sounds like she needs to be knocked down a few pegs!
  19. I wish I could do that! I sometimes will lay in bed for an hour or more before I fall asleep!
  20. I'm so angry right now I don't even know what to say....but when I get my thoughts together I will be back!
  21. I was a horrid speller when I started in EMS (as far as medical terms went). It's very important to spell correctly on PCRs/ACR's as it is a legal document and makes you look more professional. Just a thought.
  22. In my vollie service we don't bill so are not required to get SSN's on our patients so I never ask. At my paid job however we try get them and log them into the computer if the patient wants to give it. (It's not required there either)
  23. back pain is improving with chiro and vicodin...:) thank goodness!

  24. not to be critical or anything but my first thought was that someone needs to learn how to spell....the question was a good one though. I will think more on this and then contribute an answer.
  25. back pain sucks.....vicodin doesn't.... :)

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      that's good stuff alright!

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      ah better life through pharmacology, my mantra.

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      Have fun in La La Land ;) Say hi to the wizard for me hehehehe

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