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  1. What about the classic turning on the lights and sirens on at the ER and remove the knobs, when they get back in to leave everything goes haywire.... of course this might be a good time to inform your supervisor before hand because the general public is going to wonder why the ambulance is runing L/S to the station and not the ER. -dr_vfib
  2. Looks like Ranger Bobs wife. But anywho they do look sharp, but in my opinion, not for EMS. -dr_vfib
  3. Ditch, I have been following this thread carefully for the past few weeks, there are several things that need to be addressed. 1. Yes we know you want to weed and wash out people from these programs that you dont see fit. Use another point to back-up your arguement to make it better. 2. You have discussed this subject in several different threads. Everyone has stated their opinion and will hold on to their beliefs. I believe it is time to let this thread die of natural causes. No sense in arguing the same points over and over again. 3. I have read your profile, and while you have alot of credentials at your young age, I find it hard to believe. Not calling you a liar, but just amazed at what you have accomplished. I also find it odd that while you no longer work in the EMS field, and from what i have understood, you do not wish to work in EMS again, you are sitting here saying what we should and should not do when you are not a provider yourself. As I said before if you want improvements you must be willing to work for it. It is one thing to type it up, it is completely another to actually do it. 4. Also, your pushy tone does not help you, it only hinders you, by causing people to automatically tune out on what you have to say, even if it is a good idea. Set a lighter tone and people would be more willing to hear you out. 5. Most basics lack the money to go to school on their own and some services are VERY selective on who they send to school based on availability of funds, and who Medical Director thinks is the best candidate. It is also hard due to many of them having families that cannot afford the time from home or work. The current pay scale of the majority of providers is what keeps us back. If there were ways to increase the pay and increase benefits I am sure you would find more basics and intermediates willing to go to school for a 4 year degree. 6. As for experience, my state once had a madatory 5 years of street experience before being eligible to apply for paramedic courses, and even at that, there was an entrance exam that you must pass. Honestly I think to bring this practice back would be beneficial in getting our EMTs ready for ALS skills after they have finished their EMT-B or EMT-I education. In my personal opinion we should be combining education and experience to bring out the best providers. dr_Vfib
  4. As a Basic I am disheartened that few overzealous medics dont want EMTBs or 1st Responders around. What some people fail to understand is that you are a Basic BEFORE you are a paramedic. You cannot have good ALS without excellent BLS. I have yet to meet a medic that wasnt "saved" by a basic administering oxygen while the medic was doing all of the advanced skills. 1st responders are a big help on-scene. They are able to give us detailed information about the condition of the patient, and geez, most of these folks just want to help their fellow man more than anything. I dont necessarily think that longer classes are the answer but perhaps should go more in depth. Also in most cases the student third rider is either pushed to the side or used to fetch, honestly, this is where we need to be getting EMTBs ready for the street. Allow them to take vital signs, and administer oxygen, even CPR. If not so many medics would forget what it is like to be a basic new to the street, then perhaps we can help these new basics get a better handle on the job easier. More education as well as more training is the answer. If you want changes, you must be willing to teach. dr_vfib 8)
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