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  1. Yes, I was aware of that as I received the email notification via NZ Ambulance Association when Paramedics Australia announced that they were looking to start a NZ chapter, and were on the hunt for signing up financial members. I sent them a email wanting more info, and clarification on fees for NZ Ambulance Association members but never got a reply.
  2. I'm a clinical practitioner on contract based in Asia (where I have been for over a decade). I contacted Paramedics Australia around the time there was discussion about changing the name from Australian College of Ambulance Professionals (ACAP) about joining/membership. I felt that the site and what it offers members is appealing. The submission of the completed application form results in a determination by Paramedics Australia as to the type of membership and consequently the fees attached to that level of membership. As required on the application form I listed my university qualifications/degrees (more than four) but excluded any not gained through the tertiary sector which are quite numerous, and was subsequently informed that I certainly qualified as a full member (though I cannot at the moment recall what level of membership), in which case the membership fees were some AU$300+ annually. That came as a complete shock, and I was somewhat flabbergasted given that I am not employed in OZ and therefore don't practice there (though this may change). This resulted in me not joining as I appreciated that for the fees asked for there was not a lot of value in return, which is a shame really. If membership also was part of registration much like it is with a regulatory body for nursing and medicine via AHPRA and the relevant boards, I could understand the fees but this is not the case. I feel that Paramedics Australia need to clearly disclose the fees and alongside the types of memberships available for which the applicant chooses. I am a member with multiple allied health organisations/associations including NZ Ambulance Association which charges far less in fees.
  3. The paramedic registration has re-opened for submission/discussion and can be viewed on Paramedics Australia http://www.paramedics.org.au/
  4. Good luck with the site. I can only add that Paramedics Australia http://www.paramedics.org.au/vacant-positions/ pool vacancy ads from multiple sources which might serve useful as a form of international collaboration etc when you get to that stage. The only thing is that Paramedics Australia (which renamed in 2012) locks out many areas of the website (e.g. vacancies) to paid members which is a shame as some of the costs for full membership can be quite steep, when compared to allied health professional bodies e.g. mandatory nursing licensure/registration resulting in membership and access to CPD via AHRPA & Australian Nursing Board.
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