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  1. As stated by most people, become a nurse 1st, than goto Paramedic. I am a Nurse, and an Emt. I also worked as a PCA, which is very similar to a CNA. Both being an emt and a pca helped me tramendously during nursing school. I have also heard, but I DO NOT KNOW FOR A FACT, that NY State, allows you to "test out" of the Emt-cc. If you are an EMT, and a RN. There may be more to it, such as addt'l certs. (ALS,PHTLS,PALS etc.) If anybody knows any info on it, feel free to reply.
  2. stuck at 78 tonight...would much rather be at my 89

  3. i understand how the MARS works...i just laugh at how if a volly station/house/corps is 3ft from a house that calls 911...MARS will not give the address to the volly...even though the call is in their 97. i've spoken to a few conditions bosses who love vollys...bc THE PAID units a freed up...and the time clock stops. so fdny looks fantastic when the call comes in as a 4min response time instead of a 6-9 min response. i will admit uncontrollable amounts would occur if KDT/MDT's where given to vac/vas. i've heard there are plenty of ways to get around this however. just have to make friends with paid units. nd have them search on a kdt while they are at work but since im "just a jolly volly" i wouldnt know. 11ida/9adam/9boy
  4. richard b are u a vollie in queens east?? u seem to know the same as what i've heard...only i heard its 20k to outfit a corps/vac with the kdt system, and i believe PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE ME "they" in fdny had the idea of using vollies as an extension of 911 to: save money, and move more units into worse areas....i.e. where hospitals are closing like st. john's and mary immac in queens. "giving u(vollies) the kdt's wouldput us under thir watch and save them money.
  5. ive heard that the FDNY "KDT" is radio frequency based. does anybody know how to take the radio freq. and have it come onto a laptop or a computer at say a volunteer ambulance corp?
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