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  1. I happen to know the paramedic (socially) from years past.(Haven't seen him in a few years), And I happen to know a few OHP officers.(None in this incident though). Paramedic White has always appeared to be a capable Paramedic and a calm person to me. I believe the OHP to be an excellent police agency. Its hard for me to believe that Paramedic White would have assaulted the Officer. And knowing the OHP, if a true assault or attempt at force occurred, they handle it quickly and control it. SO- What occurred appears to be out of emotion and lack of the emotional detachment that we all must have as emergency service workers to work compentently on scene. It'll be interesting to see the final outcome of this.
  2. As far as I've seen this is the same cons to every Marketable Dispatch Protocol. Things AMPDS does offer is a structured system for dispatchers- people w/o any medical training or knowledge to send help. AMPDS was initially invented to ensure quality dispatch. Care given over the phone was brought in later. I have experienced Dispatch centers that had no system and dispatching was horrendous, then they implemt AMPDS and improvement was dramatic. As far as slowing down some responses - well thats true. But centers that conform to the AMPDS system ensure that every call gets dispatched w/ some kind of response apparatus. And yes in some systems missed responses are a problem. A shock I know but... AMPDS is not perfect. But it beats the Hell out of not having anything
  3. Lets just put him in a chemically induced cardiac arrest and let paramedic students revive him. Then do it again and again and again and again until he's only responds with asystole.
  4. That explains why my girlfriends turn into jibbering fools.
  5. For years now I've had occasional pain over my RUQ of my Abdomen. Seen a Dr., Had CT of liver, Enzyme studies etc.etc. Nothing, All Normal.Also I've had dreams of being alone in the forrest, laying on my back looking up at a beautiful blue sky but would have trouble breathing as I watched white clouds pass by overhead through tree limbs. My agency has the transfer contract for the local VA hospital. I was on a 3 hour transport w/ a WW2 veteran that had endstage renal failure and COPD and decreased LOC. The pt wasn't going to live much longer. During the transport the pt became awake and stared at me. This old veteran Called me by my middle name (which I do NOT use nor does anyone else call me by it) and stated he was sure I had died in germany. I assured him I was not who he thought I was and I am very much alive. He understood and began to tell me about his friend who I reminded him of. He described my physical appearance and actually described my personality. When I asked him how his friend had died, he told me they were on patrol in the woods and came upon a German patrol. Gunfight ensued and his friend worked his way to the side to cover some of his buddies. He was alone. My pt stated he watched as a German shot his friend and he fell backwards. By the time the firefight was over and he got to his buddy he was sure he deceased but he still called for a medic and they had to move on to pursue the enemy. I asked him were he friend was shot and he pointed and touch me in the RUQ where the above mentioned pain occurs. I asked him as calmly as I could if he remembered the weather that day and he said yes - it was blue sky w/ puffy white clouds. 1 hr after arrival at the destination Hospital my pt died. I haven't complained of that intermittent pain since.
  6. Can't really comment on the dreams or precognition of events, but as far as waking up before the pager goes off CBEMT and Mastabattas are pretty correct. The electrical equipment used and tone generators used in most(90%) of radio equipment supplies a "pre" tone emission before actual tone generation occurs. Our bodys become subconsciously attuned to these near silent electrical emisions. When we are asleep, is when our subconscious is more active and it will respond to these "signals" more readily and therefore will make us respond in the conscious. We normally do not notice these "signals" while awake due to over stimulation of our enviroment while we are conscious. Yes there was a study done on items similar to this when I was in college in the 80's. I cannot remember where, what, when, or who- now, too many 24hr shifts and too many beers have occured between then and now.
  7. I can only put in from my experience and anecdotal evidence. I was once our service's Dispatch supervisor and was present when we started EMD. EMD dispatch treatments are possibly effective(make a difference) 2 percent of the time- so 98% of the time they are ineffective and dispatch is just giving the caller the "warm fuzzies" trying to keep them occupied until help arrives. The EMD really only helps on airway problems, CPR, and arterial bleeds- but only if the caller will do what their told.(been there and seen it) Even then its usually not effective. I agree w/ Dustdevil there seems to be NO real scientific evidence that EMD works as well as it is built up. But then as a medic my critical skills are usually only needed 5% of the time. Just my two cents worth.
  8. Dust, I use a plastic toothbrush holder. Carpuject meds fit nicely in them and they are cheap. Hope you have them in sandland. Stay safe and Merry Christmas.
  9. I don't know if this statement is true or not because I haven't researched it, but.... My medical control doctor informed me that the Flu shot only protects against the respiratory components of the flu, not the G.I. problems. It is only good to keep you from dying from flu caused pneumonia or respiratory failure. You can still get the flu w/ nausea/vomiting/ diarrhea/fever/aches/ pain. That would explain why some people still get ill after recieving the vaccine.
  10. Because I get to drive through trafffic really FAST!!!
  11. Pain Heals,Chicks dig scars, Glory lasts forever! Keanu Reeves in "The Replacements"
  12. Haven't heard of that or read any studies that suggest that.
  13. Focus, I can't add any more on the meds that the others have already posted but as far as your statement about reading and researching over your level, LORD I wish my EMT partners would have that kind of ambition. Nothing wrong about learning more on Meds and treatment. Keep your education going, weather you stay an EMT or become a Paramedic.
  14. The entertainment radio is turned off when we respond Emergency mode but if it was on I'd listen to AC/DC "Highway to Hell"
  15. I Believe in God. Simple statement. And I don't have enough time to go into specifics.
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