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    Well I'm sure this list will change once I get a job in the field but here we go: weaving, anime conventions, Renaissance Faires, Soceity for Creative Anachronism ( SCA), middle eastren dancing, and learning. Ya I think that's the bulk of it. I'm currently a preschool teacher. I just took my NREMT exam and passed it! Just waiting to get my paperwork in so I can do job hunting.

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    teacher- until I can get a job as an EMT

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  1. My sociology teacher made me blush! I didn't know that was possible!

  2. I'm in chat. Who wants to cause chaos with me?

  3. Ok a bit of an update. ( I honestly didn't think anyone really read my blog hehe) What is going on is my insurance sucks. Now I don't mean like a $3 hooker sucks, oh no.. try a free one! lol. I have a $2000 durable machine deductible and no matter how much a machine costs they want to say it's $1000. Ok so that covers the "lost" $400. I decided that using my insurance is pointless ( we are really good with saving and we can pay that ammount in cash) and suddenly the company becomes as useful as a blow up sex doll.... actually less so. As least with the doll you get some enjoyment from it. A
  4. I PASSED MY CNA EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well off to my first day at HCC. :: hugs to my friends::

    1. uglyEMT


      Congrats on the HCC. Hope your first day was good =)

    2. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Congrats at getting into the hospital! Hope your day was a good one!

  6. Well I start college tomorrow..... I can't believe it.

  7. Thanks but no thanks hun. :: hugs:: I plan to keep on trying. I applied for 2 more jobs today and I plan on continuing to bug them until I get somewhere!
  8. Currently trying not to cry... I went in feeling great. Interview went awesome. Spoke with both HR and the manager for the radiology department. The Manager even said she had seen my file and asked for it to be pulled and have me called in. Remembered my name and whole nine yards. They even gave me the orientation packet and uniform requirements. I get home make calls to family and my phone goes off. It's HR. So I'm thinking, "WOOT!". Ya... someone from another hospital just called and wanted to transfer locations... He has the job. :: sighs and cries:: They asked if I wanted my file to
  9. :: Puts on teacher hat:: Stranger danger and Safe Stranger are too great ones. It's great if they know not to talk to to a stranger but they need to do who they can talk to. Police, fire, ambo people etc. How to dail 911 and what info they will be asked. What is a fire danger? How to get out in a fire. These are all things all those ages can handle. Do mini senarios. Have a child be "hurt" and take care of them so they can see what to expect. Now don't go doing a trauma alert on the younger ones that might be alittle much pending how you do it. I'm a huge one for explaining what a vital s
  10. OH I forgot the green candle! I have my God/dess and universe ones lit I forgot green. wow it's been too long. Herbie: OH ya I plan on being open for anything. This job is for transporter so running people around the radialogy wing I think... Not even sure right now. I don't honestly care where it's at. No matter where I get to go I'll be learning.
  11. Ok so now that I am ALOT calmer and can type without bouncing in my seat. One of the jobs I had applied for months ago was for transporter. Now for those that haven't talked to me in the chat room this hospital is the hospital in Tampa. It runs almost all the medical buildings in the bay area. So ya it's made it very hard for me to get a job. I had kindof lost hope. From what I've been told they get about 800 applications per job. Most don't get looked at and they get to be as picky as they want. If you don't have everything they are looking for then don't hold your breath. The fact they a
  12. OMG OMG OMG Got a call back from St. Joesph hospital here in Tampa! So prayers, good thoughts, riturals, any combo there of lol. OMG OMG OMG
  13. So last night I had my second sleep study. Now I'm asking for help because I just don't know enough on this topic. Let me go ahead and spell some things out: I'm a 24 year old 200pound female. Most of that weight is in my legs. I'm athletic. I ride 6 miles everyday on bicycle, run around with my kids, run up and down the stairs at work on break because I like to, etc. I don't just sit around and eat. In fact I even pack my lunch so I don't go out to the closest fast food place. I'm not going to claim I'm an olimpian I'm far from that. Just saying I'm not a lazy slob. Well got some results
  14. Gypsy

    Just bits and pieces from a Gypsy

    Just random pictures of what I do.
  15. Kate darlin need a shoulder? I have 2

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