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  1. Could be hazardous to your health if while you are knelt down doing CPR and the patient's large dog gives you the "cold nose" or starts humping you.
  2. SoldierMedic13, I joined the national Guard in July 1999 (I already had 10 years active duty Air Force and wanted to finish my retirement). I had received my paramedic license a couple of months prior. I went in as a combat medic and stayed until our detachment (128th Medical Ambulance Co Det 1) went away because of unit realignments throughout the State. I and several of my medic buddies cross trained over to Signal otherwise it was a two hour drive one way to attend drills. Because of our background, our company used us as casevac crews for the four day convoy from Kuwait to Iraq. For
  3. Back in the "real" old days a youing upstart gunslinger would attempt to pick a fight with a seasoned infamous gunslinger known all over for his quick draw. What the kid didn't realize was that if he killed the older gunslinger, he would become notorious as the man who killed him. Every upstart would then be gunning for him. No matter how fast the kid became, there was always going to be someone faster. Relating this to the EMS field, there are always going to be better medics than we are. We shouldn't compare ourselves in that way. Each of us have our own talents and abilities that make
  4. Hello Everyone, from Alabama. Medic 433, it sounds like our rocking chairs are pretty close to one another ! LOL.
  5. I have been in and around EMS since 1973 when I enlisted in the Air Force as a corpsman. We had a six week school at Shepherd AFB in Wichita Falls, TX. Two weeks of the school involved basic emergency training. We even had a field exercise for extrication and mass casualties. There were no licensure agencies in those days. We received a certificate of completion that showed the areas of our training. As we continued up the chain we received more emergency training. Our certificate allowed us to advance to an intermediate level. We were working in the ER and occasionally made ambulance
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