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  1. you can also assist the pt. with a prescribed epi-pen if the pt has it with them.
  2. I can send armadillos and the West Texas wind will definitely send the tumbleweeds.
  3. Actually a region, out where the tumble weeds, cactus and snakes grow wild. I live in Big Spring, about 40 miles east of Midland/Odessa area.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, looking forward to it. thanks again..
  5. I did get to do a good bit in the Army, I would go up in the black hawks when in Germany on some "runs" and did lots of combat/pre-hospital stuff there but never really used it enough for it to be second nature. I'm sure it'll be nerve racking at first, hopefully wherever I go I'll have some good mentors and basics to "babysit" me until I get into the groove of things. thanks for the words of encouragement...
  6. Hello all from West Texas! I just passed national Registry last week as a NREMT-P. I've been an LVN for about 14 yrs or so working mainly ER's and ICU's and was trained as a medic (91B) in the Army a long time ago but always worked as a 91C (nurse). Pre-hospital is a little foreign to me needless to say. Once I have my state cert (Texas) I'm going to get on with a 911 service. Any suggestions or pointers will be appreciated.
  7. I have a similar problem. I just passed the national registry and am now a NREMT-P. I've been an LVN working in and out of ER's and ICU's for about 14 years. I was trained as a EMT-B in the Army but always worked as a nurse. I have no box time other than school, which makes me really nervous. I know what I'm doing, I'm not (as) worried about cardiac or medical issues but I'm concerned about the trauma patients. In the ER we have "medical control" beside us directing things, but out in BFE your it. When I have a pt in my ER working them is second nature, but pre-hospital is a whole new world for me. I'm applying for my state cert (Texas) so I can start working some PRN at one of two of the local 911 services. Any suggestions to my dilemma other than jumping in feet first?
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