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  1. I think that every vollie squad has at least one of these. We have one that is grossly overweight (dont think they own a shirt that will cover the flab hanging out) and we have one that will roll right by the squad house and not even stop, will show up in POV every time. Your kinda danged if you do, danged if you dont.
  2. Sittin' by the dock on the bay- Marvin Gaye What do you hate the most in life?
  3. All you need is Love- Beatles what are you doing right now?
  4. Dont fear the reaper- B.O.C Who's your hero?
  5. I think this one sums up my day today
  6. hey there. Long time no talk. How b ya?

  7. And the scariest thing is I whipped it right out. Just like it was normal writen english. Soooooo does that make me a genius? Or am I truely strange?
  8. It was a hint of sarcasm. Sailed right over the head of some i suppose
  9. Had another guy I saw in ER rotation that tried to off himself with entire lg bottle of tylenol all cuz he got a DUI. He ended up in liver failure and no chance of getting another one, he is or was only 21 And no the GF is not hot
  10. My understanding is that if we are called to this guys house for..... for the sake of simplicity, unconscious pt. We roll up and guy is out, we need to wait for the vest to do its thing. (the article said there is an audible alarm) If said vest is not working, then we undo and move it and do our thing. I dont know bout any of you but my first concern is I DO WANT TO GET SHOCKED. So Im gona pick the other guy to remove it. I may not post alot but when I do it is usually interesting one.
  11. Im sorry, I understand about the "monitor" thing, I was thinking about actual EKG machines, like whats at the hospitals and dr. offices. I have looked all thru the manual for the one I have and it doesn't say anywhere in that thing about limb lead placement
  12. I suppose it didn't make matters any better that by the time we were called he was already vomiting. Thanks for the info on drano, I try to stay away from that kinda crap.
  13. Is there anyone out there that has ran across one of these? http://www.zoll.com/product.aspx?id=902. We recently found out that a member of our community has one.
  14. Over the weekend we had a 21yo try to off himself by drinking Draino. This was a new one on me. He had a fight with GF and after a night of drinkin' he decided to down about 12oz of Draino. I just found out that he has 50 50 chance and if he does pull thru he will not be able to talk or eat. He will have a feeding tube the rest of his life, will need liver transplant (as there are tubes there to filter already) and right now the surgeons have stapled his stomach closed and have moved his esoph. from the inside of neck to the outside. (this I have never seen or heard of) I am feelin' horrible c
  15. So does it matter whether or not you place the RA/LA leads on the upper arm or by the wrist? I regularly do EKG's as part of paramed PE with two different companies, one comp taught us to put them on the upper arm, the other taught us to put them by the wrist.
  16. I live in a small town in central IL where there is nothing to do and nothing much happens. But we do have a smiley face water tower and a Giant Man holding a Weiner http://www.atlantaillinois.org/
  17. Hey babe, just thought I would let you know from now on you will need to get hold of me via yahoo or skype. I am to poor to pay to chat.

  18. Hey this new pay for chat crap has me out. If you want I give you special permission to get hold of me thru yahoo IM or skype.(tho i prefer skype to yahoo) anyway hope to hear from you soon. NIKIPOO

  19. Wish granted but you owe the paramedic profession 10000000000000000000 bucks! *umm no one takes MY flight medic I wish Joesph was a hot flight medic.... Wish granted, but unfortunately you do not have fire extinguisher to put him out I wish i had a bigger house
  20. your on here and dont even bother to stop in and say HI? I see how you are

  21. Hope it gives you Hell by all american rejects for todays theme song
  22. OMFG!!!! that was just toooo.......icky. Can you say transfussion????
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