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  1. Some dr's still use cocaine when performing nose jobs as a way to control bleeding.
  2. Wow. Those are some fine Wanabe medics. (hangs head and sighs)
  3. Our counties ALS unit has an EKG monitor that will bluetooth the tracing to a cell which then sends it to the recieving hospital. Which comes in really handy at times. Good luck with quest for the perfect med app. I will just stick to reading the Drug Handbook for now.
  4. Thanks to all. I heard from him this a.m. He had fam. emergency and was busy with that. So all cool now.
  5. That would be great. I can PM you the name. Thank you for helping
  6. Happened in ireland. I did the same searches with the name included, but have found nothing. Starting to think it didn't happen, but havent heard from him for a week. Which is really really unusual
  7. This is what i heard. He died when his vehicle crashed into utility pole. Wrapped car around the pole. He is 25y.o and a firefighter. Happened 2days ago. Had a passenger with him who also died. Can pm the name if that would help, but would rather not post
  8. I have a friend from dublin, Ireland that i have been told died 2days ago in an MVA. He was a firefighter. Does anyone have any knowledge or info? Any would be welcomed or even links to the local papers. Thanks in advance
  9. No my dad didn't report it. And this gal is just plain DUMB. Should have never got DL in first place.
  10. http://www.pantagraph.com/articles/2009/06...8a060532511.txt Once again it is that time of year. This article is close to me as my father has had this same person do this to him. Lucky for him he knows the driver and knows to watch HER and not to count on her to watch him. I know all three involved in this. It has been said before and will be said a million more times START SEEING MOTORCYCLES, PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  11. You know the gnats that hang around dogs' peckers n such
  12. I have heard of people being deathly allergic to many bugs. Found out yesterday that my husband is severely allergic to buffalo gnats. He got bit on the neck by one and within 20min his neck was 3x its normal size, his lips were huge and he was covered head to toe in hives. I forgot to tell him not to take a warm shower, so that made the hives worse (my bad) I'm telling you these things are nasty. So off we went to the ER and after 75mg of benadryl and a shot of epi. my husband is a proud owner of an epi-pen for gnats (FYI those things are expensive as our ins. does not cover them) That is a w
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