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  1. I wear one, only because if I'm found unconscious, I want to be properly treated. If it is assumed to be anything other than what is more obvious, the results could be fatal. Don't use latex gloves...
  2. Can you imagine where he heard that from? Probably some undereducated parent.
  3. I carry a portable ambulance.
  4. No worse than "female patient states that she is in cardiac arrest"
  5. If it was "by the book", our book... It would be so lame, nobody would watch it. It's true.. I wouldn't watch a show that was tantamount of my day.
  6. I can't wait for Skid Marks to come out.... *the movie* you knuckle heads that read into that statement...
  7. 2nd Episode: Opens with another Bringing Out The Dead scene; Dispatch calling... Then goes on two showing them responding... WITH TWO DIFFERENT RIGS..
  8. Allergy to dogs or cats? Because he probably just ate one!
  9. When he stood up, he clearly pulls it out. and as for the blood; sometimes they bleed-sometimes they don't. Especially if their veins are bad (drug use, etc). I was watching an old movie, Fire On Kelly Mountain, a Disney film from the 70's. Had one of those guys from CHiP's on it, I couldn't help but notice that when he used the Osbourne Azimuth (Fire Finder) he did it wrong... Not that anything can be done, or that it matters. Just have to remember it's entertainment, not reality. If you want to see inaccuracy in reality, watch that Paramedics on DSCHealth.. They screwed up a lot too, which, according to the network, was one of a pile of reasons they cancelled it. Remember that Emergency! screwed up too, many a time Johnny & Roy read off a BP with out taking the cuff out of the box.. and the CPR...?
  10. Forget the title of the show.. What are you watching, beside drama, remember it isn't aimed at US, it's aimed at every network viewer. What did I see? BRINGING OUT THE DEAD - 2 Crazy guy with the bull horn? Where did I see that before? Sister Fetus (The lady with the fetus necklace) Crazy guy that thinks he's John the Baptist w/ an injury-runs away from the hospital in a gown? Noel... LED action w/ music and odd views? Opening of BOTD Sweet female dispatcher???? Do we see a pattern?
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