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  1. Carlisle, PA North Street and South Street (they both run east and west) East Street and West Street ( they both run north and south) Try responding to an address like 201 South West Street
  2. sorry forgot to say two beds in other room, she wanted to sleep on couch in lounge.
  3. Let me start by saying I'm getting to be over the hill. Last night at work, I had my thing laid out where I was going to sleep at the station (yes we are allowed), when the 20 year old female that I was working with walked in and threw my stuffout of the way so she could sleep there. She then said because I was on the computer and not not there, it gave her the right. So I walked over and set my happy but down so she could not lay down. She threw a fit. Then while setting there we got sent to do a transport from a hospital. She heard the dispatcher and me talking. she continued to set there
  4. I wish we could give 100cc of harden the fuck up
  5. emtgrimreaper


    If it is 7 dog years to mans 1, does it mean that I've only 1 dog beer to mans 7? Lets all drink in dog beers
  6. Devin, it is good to ask, because it makes us go back and think about it. We sometimes forget things and this is a good reminder.
  7. you forgot the teacher. they make do it till you get it right. this one is for women and men....
  8. why can't the media leave the man alone, he's dead. I don't think this is true because all medical personel would and should never use names, this was taught to everyone from basic's to medic's.
  9. that sounded like my wife from the day she was born..lol
  10. teenage girl, bac of .231, friends put her in the basement, then call when they could not wake her. crew gets there finds her, she threw up captain morgan and taco bell all over herself. Then took a crap all over herself. Get to ED and parents get there arguing nothing was wrong with their princess. While standing ther the daughter points backside to mother and craps all over her mother. Awkward and funny all at same time because of parents..
  11. lying is something that should not be done to a patient. but this is my opinion. everyone sees things differently.
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