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  1. I don't carry anything while I'm off duty. I used to, but I outgrew it. While on the job I only carry a few select items: Pen (usually 3 or 4 because I always lose them) Stethoscope (Because I don't know where the ears of others have been.) Shears ('cause ya never wanna have to tease your rookie partner for carrying them, then have to borrow them on the very next call because you don't carry them) I also have a "Go Bag" that I take on long flights. It includes: Additional cold weather gear. (Snowpants, parka, big mitts, facemask, 'cause, you know, it would suck to survive a forced landing only to freeze to death.) A small survival kit with fishing line, fire starter, etc ('cause, sometimes, ya just gotta fend for yourself. Couple bottles of water and a few granola bars, ('cause, you know, it would suck to survive a forced landing, stay warm, and starve to death.) A good book. ('cause, you know, it would suck to survive a forced landing, keep warm and nourished, yet die of boredom.) As for what the station will provide, it varies from one company to the other, you should check with them.
  2. Industrial paramedics work at remote industrial sites, often in the oil patch or construction sites.
  3. My flight crews get 1460 hours per year in 12 hour shifts. 14 days on/28 off. Hourly rate works out to about $54.00 per hour for medics, 48 for basics.
  4. Darryl Morrin's dad is a good friend of mine and after this incident, Darryl and I had some very long conversations. He has been in therapy for the last five months and is eager to return to work next month. http://regina.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=880887 Here are some articles on the event that occured http://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/la-loche-in-shock-after-shooting-kills-four-1.2749245
  5. A little projective thinking has me concluding that when the OP states BP, he actually means VS in which case he would need a watch for RR and HR. I would recommend using a watch with a second hand.....that way you can use it for a compass if you ever get lost.
  6. Ugh, I tried quoting Doc but my tablet messes up the text entry when I try to quote. Silly Goose doc, he needs a watch so he can write down what time he checked the blood pressure. That's charting 101.
  7. Over the last few months the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario have passed legislation that forces their respective worker compensation boards to presume that any first responder diagnosed with PTSD got it from the line of duty. This accelerates the access to mental health support in some cases by years. In the past the onus was on the injured party to prove that their injuries were caused in the workplace, at the same time the WCB would investigate their personal lives to determine that their PTSD wasn't caused by debt, marriage problems, substance abuse, or other factors that are typically a result of PTSD in tne workplace. One of our users, Mobey, continues to work with the Province of Alberta to ensure that first responders can access the proper help they need. Getting mental health is one thing, but it needs to be with professionals who are qualified to help us deal with the trauma that we bear witness to. The provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan are considering similar legislation. http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/health/ptsd-first-responders-inequity-canada-1.3525518
  8. Hath hell frozen over? I can't fathom you being tactful.
  9. Chuckle, was that the same small operator I spoke to when trying to decide if I wanted to spend the money? Pangman EMS in Southern Sask has had the system in place for better part of a year now. They are quite enamoured. Told me a story of a patient they took into the city one day and went back to return him the next with a different ambulance. He thought they broke something.
  10. Welcome back, you've been missed. Sorry to hear about the divorce. Glad your daughter is better.
  11. 100 units? I hope they realise it's about $13k per application.
  12. You getting liquid springs too Rock? You can follow the progress of our remount on the facebook page. I have some g-force data from my E450 type 3. When this type 1 is on the road I'll have some hard data for comparison.
  13. I'd be pretty anxious too if I were blind and called 911 for an ambulance, but a bus driver showed up.
  14. I guess he wasn't thrilled with us either. Edit: Give him time, I suspect he'll be back. Not everyone logs into here on a daily basis like some of us losers.
  15. I had considered the Promaster but soon elimilimiated it. A 176HP V6 just wouldn't last very long in my organisation. I opted for the Ram 4500 4x4 6.7l Cummins with liquidspring suspension. The Promaster might make an ok in city transfer vehicle though. welcome to the city.
  16. I have a McGrath. Haven't used the others. I found it easier to use it now with a bougie.
  17. We just put a c-collar on them and tell them to walk.
  18. This made me jump. Warning, potential trigger warning. This is a PSA warning drivers to slow down at accident scenes done by the Winnipeg Police Service with the help of Manitoba EMS. https://youtu.be/9HppFNyqVOI
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