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  1. Hey paramedicmike. We use RLS here, not GCS. Dont ask me why. The RLS was created in Sweden so i guess we are kind of patriotic with our coma scale . It sounds kind of strange to paralyze someone after you have the tube in place dont you think? Thanks for the welcome btw =).
  2. Hey. We have propofol, midazolam, celocurin, afentanil and ketamine in my region. RSI is very unsusual here. I usually use does drogs for pain, sedation and seizure controll, - celocurin ofcourse:-). Intubation is often done on RLS 7-8, without drugs. If drugs needed, propofol or midazolam is used. Other airway management is done with LMA. Sedation if needed. Why use veccuromium? Best regards from Sweden.
  3. Hey! Anyone using propfol for combative patients and whats your experince? Chris Sweden.
  4. Hey. couple of questions: Do you have isoprenalin in the states ? Are there any evidence that atropin could induce VF in AV block 3 ? Best regards / Swedish-medic
  5. Hey everyone. Im rookie in the prehopital care and have some questions for you. I sometimes find it very hard to see the underlying problem for a pat with dyspnea, especially the different between CHF and excaserbation COPD. Do you have any suggestions for how you, clinical, can make the difference between the two diagnoses in prehosp inviroment ? And if you cant make the different, how do you treat the dyspnea? We carry 02, albulterol, atrovent, lasix, Cpap, nitro, morphin, Solu-corteff. Sorry for my bad english. Hope you can understand my problem... Best regards.
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