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  1. Anyone seen it or know if it's worth a rent?
  2. 10-4. I'll look into that (either renting and doing my test, or finding a school that teaches with one?). I'd be cool with a 15p van, (esp/ with the # of windows...)
  3. UHaul van? I took my written a month or two ago, and I've been looking to get my driving completed... but finding an appropriate vehicle isn't easy. I was afraid I was going to have to rent a short bus... (edit: excited I was going to have to rent a short bus...) What are the "alternate" vehicles to an ambulance? (Roughly the same size) ... does any driving school have de-commissioned ambulances to teach on?
  4. Post your article here once you compile everything together eh? I'd be game for any free/affordable online CE that you can find... (I know there's ICS, Radio Topics, and Hazmat stuff that's online, and free, I just don't have the links handy...) I'll dig them up for you.
  5. I think it kept going as more of a momentum issue, rather than fleeing the scene. I never even stopped to consider what objects of this mass would happen if they crashed together... Does anyone know the detailed fall-out from this happening? (damage to the rigs?) -- I gather everyone was reasonably OK from the article. I'd have thought it would have punched in the windshield on the other apparatus pretty agressively...
  6. scottydo


    *pause* oh-whoah... *long pause* (hesitate) oh LOL. priceless. These competitions have the bad (awesome?) habit of bringing the weirdoes out of the woodwork...
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